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The Aulenta Center Bar List - What follows is a list of bars in the greater Los Angeles area, at all of which I have had at least one alcoholic drink. Many of these bars are long gone. The list is divided into rough geographical classifications.

Eagle Rock
Gilhooly's Once nestled in a dark corner of May Company.
Columbo's A good horn.
Topper's Last of the old time Eagle Rock dives. Later, The Chalet, now The Black Boar.
Red Carpet They had a shuffleboard game.
E.R. Lanes The Safari Room was the name of the bar.
Dragon Old Chinese restaurant with a big bar. Now the York.
Violet's Now Café Beaujolais
All Star Lanes Kind of run down, but still going.
Big O Once an Occidental College football hangout. Gone.
Dusty's Dive on York Blvd.
Villa Sombrero Good Mexican food; tiny bar.
El Arco Iris
Coffee Table Lounge
Halong Bay
Little Beast
John Bull (Old) The best old British Pub; long gone.
John Bull (New) Now a restaurant.
LochNess Monster Still going as the Old Towne Pub. Spent a lot of time here.
Reuben's Featured dancing in the early 1980's.
Monahan's Was a great place for the Lake Ave. business crowd.
Handlebars Hard to find beer bar. Good sized dance floor.
Manana Quiet fancy Mexican restaurant. Long gone, I think.
Slik's Dance club atop the Hilton.
1 West Used to feature live music. I don't know what's there now.
Prime Time Mid-Pasadena R&B club.
Hamburger Hamlet I own stock in this chain, so it's probably going out of business soon.
Nightwatch Once was Henry's Chicken in a Basket. Gone.
Hazel's Only place other than the Loch Ness where I ever saw Snotty Scotty and the Hankies playing.
Casa Maria
Ritz Grill
Black Angus (Monrovia)
Gus's Barbecue Saw Robert Reed there.
Barney's LTD
Velvet Turtle
Dodsworth Now the Cheesecake Factory.
Fannie's The Bar at the Hilton.
Italian Fisherman Years ago it was really nice inside. Then they remodeled. They had great food.
Parkway Grill Once considered one of the best restaurants in Pasadena.
Brown Derby The only restaurant for which I was ever told, when making reservations, "Coat and tie required for gentlemen".
De Lacey's Club 41 Still a great place for steaks and chops. The Caesar Salad and the Oysters Rockefeller are noteworthy.
Charley Brown's
Crown City Brewery Vast selection of beers here. Not a bad place to take lunch.
Stoney Point
Inn Arty's
Beckham Place
Holly St. Bar & Grill
CT's Bar & Grill (Alhambra)
Cafe Catavino
35er Once a local dive. Remodeled into a more respectable, but less interesting place.
McNamaras Idle Hour
Market City Caffe
Cal State L.A. Pub I think it was called Union Station.
Le Papillon
Cafe Rialto
Rumors Small dive on Colorado Blvd.
Old Timer A neighborhood beer bar.
Green Street
Tony Roma's
Bona Corso Family syle Italian restaurant which, I think, has moved across the street, to the other side of Lake Ave.
Sunset I went there to write a music review for the Pasadena Weekly.
Jake's Billiards
Mi Piace
CT's Bar & Grill (Pasadena) Last place I saw Bill "The Fox" Foster perform.
Lucky Baldwin's (Old) Burned down, and something else opened there.
Il Fornaio Good Italian restaurant with a long bar.
Gordon Biersch Good food, but a few too many hip people.
Mecca Room Now the busy Louise's Trattoria.
Cafe Santorini I've always liked the atmosphere on the balcony.
Twin Palms This place is real nice, but has posessed the Humm Baby for a bit too long in my opinion.
McCormack & Schmicks This fish house used to have some good appetizers. I don't know the current status.
Papashon Gone now. One in a rather fancy small chain of restaurants. We ducked in here on a rainy night, and had some nice pork chops.
Crocodile Cafe This is the one on Lake Ave. The bar was bearable, but the restaurant, in which we did not eat, but which we observed from the bar, was packed with, and completely dominated by the presence of, children.
Jerry's Famous Deli (Pas.) I think it either is, or is in the process of becoming, a Hooters.
Buca Di Beppo Great for a big crowd.
Houstons Dark wood and fancy hamburgers.
Lucky Baldwin's (New) Nice, dark pub - a couple blocks south of the old one.
Bahooka The famous Polynesian venue.
Clearman's Galley AKA The Hamburger Boat.
Front Runner
Sirona Grille
Frank & Dean's
100 to 1 Club
Derby The restaurant that Seabiscuit built.
First Cabin
Drinker's Hall of Fame
Matt Denny's
Bistro de la Gare
Nikki C's
Hooters (Pasadena)
Casa Del Rey(Sierra Madre)
Buccaneer Lounge(Sierra Madre)
Dal Rae (Pico Rivera)
Lucky Baldwin's(Sierra Madre)
Northwoods Inn
Crest Lounge (Temple City)
Griffins of Kinsale
Harlowe's French Dip
Lady Jane's
Carlos O'Brien's The former site of Desmond's store had many incarnations before being razed.
Rusty Scupper
Reflections (Glendale)
Reflections (LC)
Shaker Mountain Inn
Jax Still one of our favorite restaurants; very comfortable jazz bar.
Marie Callandar's
Jim's Bar
Castaways Famous for its great view.
Bombay Bicycle Club
Black Angus (Burbank)
Bobby McGee's
Don Carlos
Rusty Pelican
Damon's Steaks, chops, and a decent bar.
Cellar Club Old timers used to come here and sing.
Ken & Rod's Used to go there when I worked at Sammon's Cable.
Grand Central Bowl Now a Disney Imagineering Building. They retained 4 of the 64 bowling lanes for company use.
China Inn
Rusty's Hacienda
Butcher's Arms Gone. A good bar too.
Tam O'Shanter
Clancy's Santa Fe Cantina
Tony Roma's
Charles Billards
Phone Company Now a Filipino restaurant.
Chuy's Had decent happy hour specials.
Beaches Seafood restaurant. Gone.
Jan Drake's
Golden Cue
Red Robin
Market City Cafe (Burbank)
Islands (Burbank)
Far Niente
Harvest Inn Fancy Chinese.
Red Lion Hotel Now a Hilton.
Barney's LTD (Glen)
Don Cuco
Elephant Bar (Burbank)
Chevy's (Burbank)
Macaroni Grill (Burbank)
Hooters (Burbank)
Burbank Bar and Grill (Burbank)
Story Tavern(Burbank)
Red Lion Still a great place to go after a Dodger game.
Chrystie's Nice city bar. Gone.
Ginger Man Carroll O'Connor's citified Beverly Hill's bistro.
Red Onion (Beverly Hills) Popular dance place.
Pizzazz Black owned club in LA. We went to the grand opening, and one of the owners busted us drinking out of our flasks in the bathroom.
Hofbrau/Turner Inn Might have been where Staples Center is. If you dug doing the polka with someone's mom, this was the place.
Pan American Night Club Latin nightclub; I don't think this is where Red Sanders died.
Hong Kong Cafe Along with Madame Wong's, one of the original venue's of the LA new wave scene, starting in the late 1970's.
Madame Wong's See Hong Kong Café
Roxy Long time Rock music venue.
Body Shoppe Kind of crummy strip show. Odd thing - Mark remembered the girls to have been naked, which they by no means were.
Yee Mee Loo Great old place. Gone. I have little interest in seeing the remains of the bar at Cinnabar in Glendale.
Coconut Teaszer Saw Ralph Macchio there on a quiet Sunday night.
Cat & Fiddle Hollywood's venerable British pub. Unfortunately, I never went to the old location on Laurel Canyon.
Barney's Beanery Saw Julian Lennon there on the same Sunday night. (See Coconut Teaszer).
Sound Check Hangout for down-on-their-luck Hollywood-type ex-Midwesterners.
Al's Bar Artsy downtown dive. Saw George Wendt there, and he wasn't drinking beer.
Crush Bar (Continental Club) Dancing to '60's music in what appears to have been a converted bowling alley.
Crush Bar (Stardust Ballroom) Same as above, but in a large dance hall.
Tiki Ti They had a big drink - basically a huge bowl of alcohol - called the Chief Lapu Lapu Senior. I think it's illegal now.
Rainbow For the Hollywood rockers and posers.
Cathay de Grande This somewhat raunchy club later became the site of a nice place - I forget the name - where I saw Jerry Dunphy.
Hardrock Cafe Big circular bar was very popular in the mid 1980's.
Kit Kat Club Small music joint. First saw the Young Lords there before I joined the band.
Club Lingerie Loud - too loud - popular rock music club.
Pat's Place I think someone I know lived here, and slept on the pool table.
Villa Taxco
Anti Club (Helen's)
Starkey's Deli
48 Crash
Jay Sloan's
Giovanni Ate there once on an Entertainment Book coupon.
Muse I once had a great piece of flourless chocolate cake there.
Cafe Roma
Formosa Cafe
Flaming Colossus
Lawry's Prime Rib
Hank's Frank's one-time second home.
Grand Star
Molly Malone's
El Coyote
Coach & Horses
Pane Caldo
Walk of Fame Right in the heart of Hollywood. The only other patron at the bar, aside from my party, was a hooker.
Club Tee Gee
Lo Stregone
Chi Dynasty
Pierre's Los Feliz Gone now. Was an old fashioned place where you could get a hunk of game.
Grandview Gardens This was the old dim sum joint.
Hop Louie Upstairs in "New" Chinatown.
L.A. Nicola
Engine Company No. 28
Lawry's Patio
Cafe Rodeo
El Paseo
Grill on Main
Snow White Cafe
Hamburger Hamlet (Hollywood)
Taix Venerable Echo Park Restaurant. Went there in 1966 and 2003
Musso & Frank's Grill
Empress Pavilion
Pig & Whistle
Edendale Grill
Frolic Room
Noe At the Omni Hotel
Hollywood Renaissance Hotel Bar
HMS Bounty
Traxx Bar At Union Station
Nick & Stef's Steakhouse
Redwood Bar & Grill
Pete's Cafe & Bar
Electric Lotus
Cole's The other claimant to French Dip priority
Riordan's Tavern
Bella Cucina On Hollywood Blvd.
El Chavo
Good Luck
Yard House At L.A. Live
Trader Vic's At L.A. Live
ESPN Zone At L.A. Live
Biergarten In Koreatown
Home Silverlake Location
Plum Tree Inn
Dillon's Irish Pub
Hard Rock Cafe (Hollywood)
Simply Thai
Harding/Wilson Golf Course Coffee Shop
Living Room Lounge At the W Hotel
La Golondrina
Loterěa Grill
Tinhorn Flats (Hollywood)
El Conquistador
Palm (WH)
Kitchen 24
Fox Inn The first bar I went to in LA. RIP, Bill Foster.
Music Machine
Huntley House Still popular as Topper's Mexican restaurant. Nice views from the top of the Huntley Hotel.
Carlos & Pepe's
Wildflour (Santa Monica)
Marshall Sutter's
McGinty's Across the street from the Fox Inn. One would go here during the Fox's breaks.
San Francisco Saloon
Chippendale's They let the guys in after the male exotic dancer show was over - and the place was packed with girls.
Yesterdays This place was very popular; especially the balcony section over Westwood Blvd.
Crystal Palace Another short-lived Westwood restaurant.
Mom's Brentwood club with a definite U.C.L.A. feel.
Hamburger Hamlet (Brentwood) This link in the Hamburger Hamlet chain featured dancing, I believe.
P.O.E.T.S. No business lasted very long at this Weswood location.
Monty's (Westwood) I remember the sign on top of the building more than the bar.
Willy Tiffany's
Merlin McFly's
Madame Wong's West
D.B. Levy's They had a huge menu, with hundreds of sandwiches, all of which were named after celebrities. I usually went there just to drink though.
Dillon's Very popular multi-level disco, from disco's heyday.
Oar House
Fish Company
Fat City
D.B. Cooper's
Bentley's 49
Baxter's (Westwood)
Tavern on Main
Land's End
City of Angels Brewing Co.
Ye Olde Kings Head
Ocean Avenue Seafood
Cafe Pelican
La Cage Aux Folles
On the Waterfront
King George V (Old)
King George V (New)
Father's Office Once had the novelty of being smoke-free, before that was legally mandated.
Broadway Bar & Grill
Joxer Daly's
Red Onion (Redondo Beach) I remember a normal mixed dance crowd; and they had a porno running on a big screen?!
Reuben's (Torrance)
Jockey Club (Redondo Beach) The day after running up a huge bar tab here with Malcolm, passing out in his car, and spending the night in his garage, we thought it wise to buy flasks.
Lococo's Map of Iberia on the dance floor.
Gung Hay Big Asian hangout.
T.G.I. Friday's
Tequila Willie's
Airport Hyatt Had a drink here when the Theta formals were held at this hotel.
Irisher Went there during Frank's Labor Day party, after which I had the worst hangover of my life.
MacArthur Park I think we went there for John's 40th birthday.
The Strand Spacious music venue. Saw Taj there.
Manhattan Coolers One of those places that there is only one of, but still seems like a chain.
Angeli Mare Had dinner here once. There was a small, crowded bar.
Larson's Hole in the Wall One day I drank my way home from the beach - see the next 3 entries. This place is gone.
Frank's Bar & Grill See above.
Pork Chop Brown's See above.
Nordondo Club See above. Always liked the name of this place.
Huntington Beach Beer Co Had lunch there. There were more White people in Huntington Beach than I had ever seen in one place in my life. It seemed like a different country - maybe Nazi Germany.
Hennessy's (Hermosa Beach) Nice indoor-outdoor beach tavern.
El Adobe (San Juan Capistrano)
Swallows Inn (San Juan Capistrano) Fantastic local saloon.
Ciao Pasta (San Juan Capistrano)
Sasch I could never figure out why the people at this Vally club were so stuck up.
Tennessee Gin & Cotton Big multi-roomed dance club.
Adam's Rib Around the world in 80 beers.
Fung Lum Real fancy Chinese. Went there very early on with Mark. I know it was early in my drinking days, because I ordered a White Russian.
Palomino The classic Valley country music venue.
Stanley's Restaurant with large, Valley singles bar. I can't, for the life of me, figure out why it was so popular.
L'Express (North Hollywood) Their food wasn't too bad, as I remember. Easy stop for a drink when on the way to somewhere else.
L'Express (Sherman Oaks) I can scarcely remember this one.
China Trader Anne and Laurie were served a Mickey Finn here.
Stage East
F.M. Station
Country Club
Queso Grande Cantina
Moscow Nights
Jerry's Deli
Casting Office
El Chiquito
Moonlight Tango Cafe
Que Pasa
Hilltop Hungarian Restaurant Gone; had good food though.
Robin Hood
Pago Pago Gone; now a Disney day care center at this location.
Des Reagan's Went there more often as the Cinnamon Cinder; country music.
Now Voyager
El Torito
Don Cuco
Piero's Chef Piero himself was tending bar when I wen't in there.
Feed Store
Whispers Bar of the Ramada Inn.
Acapulco (Burbank)
Tony Roma's (Universal)
Giamela's/Nick's Saloon Used to go there with Brent for a couple of beers while ostensibly going "across the street" on business.
Smokehouse Old fashioned place; famous for its cheese toast.
Tin Horn Flats Neighborhood bar in Burbank; decent burgers.
Sardo's Every old-timer in Toluca Lake must be in this place around lunch time.
Victoria Station
Camacho's Forgettable restaurant in Citywalk.
Pickwick Bowl Good large bowling alley.
Hollywood -a-Go-Go Sleazy bikini dancing girls.
Captain's Cabin This seemed like a dangerous place.
TGI Friday's (WH) Their food is surprisingly good. Met Janet here.
Hollywood Athletic Club (Univ.) Another gimmicky Citywalk joint.
Buchanan Arms
Blue Chip (Burbank)
Timmy Nolan's
Cheesecake Factory (Sh. Oaks)
Money Tree
P.F. Chang's
Mr. B's
Marmelade Cafe
Chez Nous
Valley Inn
Olive Garden (Burbank)
Little Toni's
Gary Bric's Ramp
Blue Dog Beer Tavern
Fox Fire Room
Ireland's 32
Federal Bar
Great Greek
Arnie Morton's
Casa Cabo Now Simmzy's
Ca Del Sole
Idle Hour Cafe
Tiki No
Eclectic Cafe
Networks Cafe

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