(Meso American Source Collection) 3 Various Various
1920s 1 Yapp Koenemann
1930s 1 Yapp Koenemann
1970s 1 Yapp Koenemann
American Buildings and Their Architects 2 Pierson Anchor
American Paintings - New York Metropolitan Museum of Art 1 L.A. County Museum of Art L.A. County Museum of Art
Anatomy for the Artist 1 Barcsay Spring Books
Art and Civilization 1 Lucie-Smith Abrams
Art Nouveau 1 Selz & Constantine Moma
Art of Ancient Egypt 1 Ranke Phaidon Press
Art of Terracotta Potter in Pre-Columbian Central and South America 1 Von Wuthenau Crown
Arts of Japan 2 Noma Kodansha
Aubrey Beardsley 1 Colvin Welcome Rain
Aztecs 1 Caso Oklahoma
Black & White Photography 1 Horenstein Little, Brown
Chicano and Latino Artists of Los Angeles 1 Rosas Alejandro Rosas
Colour 1 Finlay Folio Society
Crosscups' Painted Parlour 1 Baker NGC
Currier & Ives 1 Peters Doubleday Doran & Co.
Design Drawing 1 Ching Wiley
Durer 1 Grote World Publishing Company
Emily Carr 1 Newlands Firefly
End of Art History? 1 Belting Chicago
Faberge and the Russian Crafts Tradition 1 Trombly Thames & Hudson
Folio Society Book of the 100 Greatest Paintings 1 Bailey Folio Society
Furniture of Gustav Stickley 1 Bavaro & Mossman Van Nostrand Reinhold
Great Painters and Great Paintings 1 Reader's Digest Association Reader's Digest Association
Great Painters: Giotto, Corot, Rubens 1 Medici Society Medici Society
Greek Revival Architecture In America 1 Hamlin Dover
History of Etching & Engraving 1 Hind Dover
How Prints Look 1 Ivins Beacon
How to Read Donald Duck 1 Dorfman & Mattelart International General
Interior Design Illustrated 1 Ching Wiley
Introduction to the History of Woodcut 2 Hind Dover
Kingdoms 1 deSoto & Solnit California Museum of Photography
Landscape Into Art 1 Clark Folio Society
Leonardo Da Vinci 1 Clark Folio Society
Leonardo Da Vinci 1 Vallentin Halcyon House
Michelangelo 1 Hibbard Folio Society
Modern Cartoon 1 Foster Foster Art Service
National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. 1 Walker Harry N. Abrams
Neoclassicism and Romanticism 1750 - 1850, Vol I & II 2 Eitner Prentice-Hall
New Art 1 Battcode Dutton
Nude 1 Clark Folio Society
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1 Bassert Disney Editions
Oxford History of Classical Art 1 Boordman Oxford
Painting as a Pastime 1 Churchill Cornerstone Library
Paintings In the Uffizi & Pitti Galleries 1 Gregori, Paolucci & Chiarini Bullfinch
Photography Year Book 1976 1 Sanders Fountain Press
Picasso: 347 Engravings 1 Waddington Galleries II Leslie Waddington Prints
Prehistoric & Ancient Art 1 Huyghe Excalibur
Realism and Tradition in Art 1848 - 1900 1 Nochlin Prentice-Hall
Roman Art 1 Hanfmann Norton
Roman & Early Christian Painting 1 Gassiot-Talabot Funk & Wagnalls
Romance of Archaeology 1 Magoffin & Davis Garden City Publishing Co.
Romanesque 1 Lesberg Peebles
Rubens 1 Ripley Oxford
Success & Failure of Picasso 1 Berger Pantheon
Sumi-e 1 Hirayama Kodansha
Symbolism 1 Goldwater Harper & Row
Western Islamic Architecture 1 Hoag George Braziller

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