Business & Economics

A+ Certification for Dummies 1 Gilster Hungry Minds
Accounting I (3rd Edition) 1 Cashin & Lerner Schaum/McGraw-Hill
Accounting II 1 Cashin & Lerner Schaum/McGraw-Hill
All You Need to Know About the Music Business 1 Passman Simon & Schuster
Business Disaster Book of Days 1 Herbers Citadel Press
Business of the Household 1 Taber Lippincott
Complete Bond Book 1 Darst McGraw-Hill
Dictionary of Business Terms 1 Friedman Barrons
Excel 2007 VBA Programming for Dummies 1 Walkenbach Wiley
Good Society 1 Galbraith Houghton Mifflin
Haves Without Have Nots 1 Adler Macmillan
How to Grow Your Business on the Internet 1 Emery Coriolis Group Books
How to Pass the California Real Estate Exam 1 Huber ETC
How to Select Undervalued Stocks 1 Peisner & Peisner Dutton
Intermediate Accounting I 1 Cashin & Lerner Schaum/McGraw-Hill
Interpretation of Financial Statements 1 Graham & McGolrick Harper & Row
Lotus 1-2-3 Self Taught 1 Krakow Brady
Manifesto of the Communist Party 1 Marx & Engels Foreign Language Press Beijing
Portable MBA Accounting & Finance 1 Livingsotne Wiley
Wage Labour & Capital 1 Marx Foreign Language Press Beijing
West's Federal Taxation 1997 1 Willis, Hoffman, Maloney & Raabe West Publishing Company
Writer's Market 1991 1 Neff Writer's Digest Books
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