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365 Gardening Tips 1 Schreiber Dumont Monte
5,000 New Answers to Questions 1 Haskin Grosset & Dunlap
African Game Trails 1 Roosevelt Syndicate Publishing
All About Vegetables 1 Doty Chevron Chemical Company
Anything for a Laugh 1 Cerf Grosset & Dunlap
Applied Artistry 1 Innes Bulfinch
Arthur Murray's Dance Book 1 Murray Murray
Ball 1 Fox Harper Perennial
Baseball Anecdotes 1 Okrent & Wulf Oxford
Baseball Catalog 1 Schlosberg Jonathan David
Baseball Is A Funny Game 1 Garagiola Bantam
Baseball Stars of 1961 1 Robinson Pyramid
Baseball Stars of 1961 (copy 2) 1 Robinson Pyramid
Beatles Anthology 1 Beatles Chronicle Books
Bed Manners and Better Bed Manners 1 Hopton & Balliol Arden
Beautiful Jim Key 1 Rivas Morrow
Best Karate 2 Nakayama Kodansha
Best Restaurants of L.A. 1 Andrews 101 Productions
Betting Thoroughbreds 1 Davidowitz Dutton
Beyer on Speed 1 Beyer Houghton Mifflin
Big Broadcast 1 Buxton & Owen Avon
Book of Sports Lists 1 Pepe & Hollander Pinnacle
Bookbinding Made Easy 1 Klinefelter Bruce Publishing Co.
Booking Hawaii Five-O 1 Rhodes McFarland
Brand New Monty Python Papperbok 1 Monty Python Methuen
Cacti as House Plants 1 Haage Studio Vista Limited
Captain Quirk 1 Hauck Pinnacle
Care of Fine Books 1 Greenfield Lyons Press
Caring For Your Books 1 Dirda BOMC
Champion Horses 1 Bongianni Bonanza Books
Chicken Book 1 Smith & Daniel Little, Brown
Clutter Control 1 Campbell Dell Trade Paperback
Cocktail 1 Harrington & Morrhead Viking
Companion to Wine 1 Prial Prentice Hall
Complete Book of Woodworking 1 O'Donoghue Thunder Bay Press
Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker 1 Mankoff Black Dog & Leventhal
Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual 1 Reader's Digest Association Reader's Digest Association
Complete Thinking Man's Guide to Handicapping and Training 1 Goodwon Westcliff Publications
Completely Mad 1 Reidelbach Little Brown
Country Acres 1 Larkin Houghton Mifflin
Couples 1 Havoc Publishing Havoc Publishing
Cruel Shoes 1 Martin Putnam
Dark Shadows Companion 1 Scott Pomegranate Books
Dell Crossword Puzzle Dictionary 1 Rafferty & Doherty Dell
Dodgers 1 Chadwick & Spindel Abbeville Press
Dodgers Encyclopedia 1 McNeil Sports Publishing
Don't Forget to Write 1 Buchwald World
Eagle Rock 1 Warren Arcadia
Fall Classics 1 Littlefield & Johnson Crown
Far Side Observer 1 Larson Andrews & McMeel
Fighting Mad 1 Feldstein New American Library
Fisherman's Bible 1 McNally McNally/Shooters Bible
Five Chinese Brothers 1 Bishop & Wiese Putnam
Folio Book of Card Games 1 Folio Society Folio Society
Former Child Stars 1 Ryan ECW Press
Friendly Book 1 Brown & Williams Golden Press
Fugitive Recaptured 1 Robertson Pomegranate Books
Game Player's Book of Sports Trivia 1 Christopher Modern Promotions
Games For the Super Intelligent 2 Fixx Doubleday
Garvanza 1 Fisher Arcadia
Getting Started: How to Play Bridge 1 North NTC
Good for a Laugh 1 Cerf Hanover House
Grafitti In the Pac 10 1 Haan & Hammerstrom Warner
Great Breeders and Their Methods 1 Hewitt Thoroughbred Record
Guiness Book of World Records 1971-72 1 McWhirter Bantam
Hairstyles of the World 1 Pepin Press Pepin Press
Hal Lifton's 1966 1 Lifton Bonus Books
Halliwell's Who's Who in the Movies 1 Walker Harper Peerennial
Handicapping by Example 1 Quirin Morrow
Happy Handicapper 1 Turf and Sport Digest Turf Publications
Have a Natural Christmas '79 1 Bubel Rodale Press
Heart 1 Aulenta Aulenta
Heaven Scent 1 Lawless Godsfield
Herblock's Special for Today 1 Block Simon and Schuster
Hiking Trails - Santa Monica Mountains 1 McAuley Canyon Publishing
Homowners Ultimate Tool Guide 1 Nagyszalanczy Taunton
Horse 1 Rossdale California Thoroughbred Breeders Association
Horse Race Betting 1 Buck Arco
How Good Is Your Chess 1 Barden Dover
How Will Your Horse Run Today 1 Scott Amicus Press
Ideas Behind the Chess Openings 1 Fine McKay
Ideas Behind the Chess Openings (dup) 1 Fine McKay
Indirections for Those Who Want to Write 1 Cox Alfred A. Knopf
Investing at the Racetrack 1 Scott Simon and Schuster
It's Bouquet - Not Bucket! 1 Snoad Book Guild
John Henry 1 Haskin Eclipse Press
Kids Say the Darndest Things! 1 Linkletter Prentice-Hall
Laughter is Legal 1 Golden Frederick Fell
Lawrence Welk Show Then & Now 1 Welk Group Welk Group
Legal Laughs 1 Edwards Legal Publishing Co.
Los Angeles's Best Dive Bars 1 Lecaro Gamble Guides
Love You Make 1 Brown & Gaines New American Library
Madame Valentino 1 Morris Abbeville
Making of Star Trek 1 Whitfield & Roddenberry Del Rey
Making Things Grow Outdoors 1 Cruso Knopf
Marlene Dietrich: Life and Legend 1 Bach Morrow
Modern Book Collecting 1 Wilson Lyons Press
Modern Chess Brilliancies 1 Evans Fireside
Modern Chess Openings 1 Korn McKay-Pitman
Modern Pace Handicapping 1 Brohamer Morrow
More Puzzles 1 Edwards & Salomone Playmore/Moby
My 60 Memorable Games 1 Fischer Simon & Schuster
Mysterious Case of Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys 1 Kismaric & Heifferman Fireside
N.Y. Times Crossword Puzzle Dictionary 1 Grundman & Pulliam Portland House
National Lampoon's 199th Birthday 1 National Lampoon National Lampoon
Natural Superiority of the Left Hander 1 DeKay Evans
New Complete Hoyle 1 Morehead, Frey & Mott-Smith Doubleday
Novels Into Film 1 Bluestone University of California Press
Old Fashioned Christmas 1 Time Life Books Time Life Books
Onion Magazine: The Iconic Covers 1 Bolton Little Brown
Only in L.A. 1 Harvey Los Angeles Times
Oxford A to Z of Word Games 1 Augarde Oxford
Oxford Guide to Card Games 1 Parlett Oxford
Paradise 1 Aulenta Aulenta
Past Times Puzzler 1 Past Times Past Times
Piece of the Action 1 Harmon & Coon Bantam
Planet of the Umps 1 Kaiser & Fisher St. Martin's Press
Popular Science Complete Manual of Home Repair 1 Hand Beekman House
Practical Carpentry 1 Mix & Cirou Goodheart-Willcox Co.
Pro Basketball Champions 1 Vesey Scholastic Book Services
Ralphie the Roach 1 Porizkova & Russell Doubleday
Reader's Digest Complete Book of the Garden 1 Everett Reader's Digest
Rod Serling 1 Engel Contemporary Books
Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock & Roll 1 Miller Rolling Stone
Saturday Night Live 1 Beatts & Head Avon
Scarne's Complete Guide to Gambling 1 Scarne Simon and Schuster
Scented Gifts 1 Doran Lark Books
Scouts in Bondage 1 Bell Simon & Schuster
Seabiscuit 1 Hillenbrand Random House
Smattering of Ignorance 1 Levant Garden City Publishing Co.
Solitaire Chess 1 Horowitz Cornerstone Library
Sports Shorts 1 Davis Bantam
Star Trek Compendium 1 Asherman Simon & Schuster - Wallaby
Star Trek Compendium (deluxe) 1 Asherman Simon & Schuster - Pocket Books
Star Trek Chronology 1 Okuda & Okuda Pocket Books
Star Trek Memories 1 Shatner & Kreski Harper
Star Trek Speaks 1 Sackett, Goldstein & Goldstein Simon & Schuster - Wallaby
Star Trek: Prime Directive 1 Reeves-Stevens & Reeves-Stevens Simon & Schuster - Pocket Books
Star Trek: Prime Directive (dup) 1 Reeves-Stevens & Reeves-Stevens Simon & Schuster - Pocket Books
Straight Herblock 1 Block Simon and Schuster
Successful Thoroughbred Investment 1 Lohman & Kirkpatrick Thoroughbred Record
Suits Me 1 Middlebrook Mariner Books
Tennis 1 Johnson Wm C Brown
That's Not the Way It Was 1 Barra Hyperion
To Live and Dine in L.A. 1 Kun Angel City Press
Traveler's' Tales 1 Folio Society Folio Society
Twice Over Lightly 1 Hayes & Loos Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich
Twilight Zone Companion 1 Zicree Bantam
Two for the Show 1 Burr Messner
Ultimate Disney Trivia Book 1 Neary & Smith Hyperion
Unabridged Crossword Puzzle Dictionary 1 Sisson Doubleday
Webster's Best of Crossword Challenge 1 Editors of Merriam-Webster Federal Street Press
Weekend Garden Guide 1 Roth Rodale
When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops 1 Carlin Hyperion
Winning at the Races 1 Quirin Morrow
Women: Pro & Con 1 Peter Pauper Press Peter Pauper Press
Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook 1 Piven & Borgenicht Chronicle Books
World Chess Championship: Korchnoi Vs Karpov 1 Keene Fireside
Year Round Things to Do 1 Penguin Books Folio Society
You'll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again 1 Phillips Random House
Zagat Survey Special Edition 2004 Movie Guide 1 Gathje Zagat Survey

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