History & Social Studies

Acting President 1 Schaeffer & Gates Dutton
Admiral of the Ocean Sea 1 Morison BOMC/Little Brown
Affectionately F.D.R. 1 Roosevelt & Shalett Harcourt, Brace
Age of Gold 1 Brands Folio Society
America B.C. 1 Fell Simon & Schuster - Pocket Books
America in Search of Itself 1 White Harper & Row
America's World Background 1 Freeland & Adams California State Series
American Constitutional Development 1 Swisher Houghton Mifflin
American Dreams 1 Terkel Pantheon
American Dynasty 1 Phillips Viking
American President 1 Kunhardt, Kunhardt & Kunhardt Riverhead Books
American Presidents 1 Whitney Doubleday
American Problem of Government 1 Maxey Appleton Century Crofts
Ancient & Medieval History 1 Magoffin & Duncalf Silver Burdett
Ancient Greeks 1 Starr Oxford
Ancient History 1 Myers Ginn
Ancient Lives 1 Romer Holt, Rinehart & Winston
Ancient Times 1 Breasted Ginn
Anti-Semite and Jew 1 Sartre Schocken Books
Arrival 12:30 1 Hynd Nelson
Autobiograhpy of Benvenuto Cellini 1 Cellini Dodd, Mead & Company
Babylonians 1 Saggs Folio Society
Barbarian Invasions of the Roman Empire, Vol I - VIII 8 Hodgkin Folio Society
Battle Cry of Freedom 1 McPherson Oxford
Before Color Prejudice 1 Snowden Harvard
Berlin Diary 1 Shirer Knopf
Beyond the White House 1 Carter Simon & Schuster
Blacks In Antiquity 1 Snowden Belknap Harvard
Boiling Point 1 Phillips Random House
Book of Days In American History 1 Shapiro Scribners
Breach of Faith 1 White Atheneum/Readers Digest Press
Brief History of the American Labor Movement 1 United States Department of Labor United States Department of Labor
Byzantium 1 Laiou & Maguire Dumbarton Oaks
Caesar & Christ 1 Durant Simon & Schuster
California 1 Royce Peregrine Publishers
California: Land of Contrast 1 Kloes Fearon
California Statistical Abstract 2002 1 Davis State of California
Cambridge Biograhphical Dictionary 1 Crystal Cambridge
Central Intelligence Agency 1 Quirk Stein and Day
Chambers Dictionary of World History 1 Lenman & Anderson Chambers
Children of Henry VIII 1 Guy Oxford
China 1 Kublin Houghton Mifflin
Choices We Face 1 Johnson Bantam
Christmas in America 1 Restad Oxford
Chronicle of America 1 Daniel Chronicle Publications
Cities and Civilisations 1 Hibbert Folio Society
Civilization In the West 1 Brinton, Christopher & Wolff Prentice Hall
Civilization of Europe In the Renaissance 1 Hale Atheneum
Civilization of the Middle Ages 1 Cantor Thames & Hudson
Classical Compendium 1 Matyszak Belknap Harvard
Classical Tradition 1 Grafton, Most & Settis Belknap Harvard
Collier's Photographic History of World War II 1 Collier's P.F. Collier & Son
Columbia History of the World 1 Garraty & Gay Harper & Row
Coming of the New Deal 1 Schlesinger Houghton, Mifflin
Conquest of the North Atlantic 1 Marcus Oxford
Conscience of A Conservative 1 Goldwater Manor Books
Constitution & Other Documents 1 Beek California State Senate
Constitution of the United States 1 Smith Barnes & Noble
Counsel to the President 1 Clifford Random House
Crusade in Europe 1 Eisenhower Doubleday
Crusades 1 Oldenbourg Pantheon
Daily Life In Ancient Rome 1 Carcopino Yale
Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire 3 Gibbon Modern Library
Decline of the Ancient World 1 Jones Longman
Devil in Massachusetts 1 Starkey Alfred A. Knopf
Diaries of Victor Klemperer 2 Klemperer Folio Society
Die Oktoberrevolution 1 Stalin Ring Verlag
Diplomacy 1 Kissinger Simon & Schuster
Discoverers 1 Boorstin Random House
Discovery & Conquest of Mexico 1 Castillo Farrar, Straus & Cudahy
Documents of American History 1 Commager Appleton Century Crofts
Dumbing Down 1 Washburn & Thronton Norton
Education of a Public Man 1 Humphrey University of Minnesota Press
Egyptians 1 Gardiner Folio Society
Election of 1976 1 Pomper McKay
Europe Looks at the Civil War 1 Sideman Orion Press
Every Man a King 1 Long Da Capo
Eyewitness to History 1 Carey Harvard
Eyewitness to the 20th Century (+21st Century Supplement) 1 National Geographic Society National Geographic Society
Final Days 1 Woodward & Bernstein Simon & Schuster
First Lady From Plains 1 Carter Houghton Mifflin
First Salute 1 Tuchman Knopf
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: A Memorial 1 Geddes Pocket Books of Canada
Folio Book of Days 1 Hudson Folio Society
Founders of the Western World 1 Grant Scribners
Future of the Past 1 Woodward Oxford
George Wallace 1 Lesher Addison Wesley
Glory Road 1 Catton Doubleday
Good War 1 Terkel Pantheon
Great Explorers 1 Hanbury-Tenison Thames & Hudson
Great Unraveling 1 Krugman Norton
Greece 1 Shinn American University
Greek Myths 2 Graves Folio Society
Greek Way 1 Hamilton Avon
Greeks 1 Kitto Penguin/Pelican
Guns of August 1 Tuchman MacMillan
Guns or Butter 1 Bernstein Oxford
Harry S Truman 1 Margaret Truman Morrow
Highland Park 1 Fisher Arcadia Publishing
Historia Antigua y Media 1 Marban Minerva
History of California 3 Guinn Historic Record Company
History of A Free People 1 Bragadon, McCutcheon & Cole Macmillan
History of Latin America 1 Herring Knopf
History of Private Life 5 Veyne Belknap Harvard
History of Spain 1 Chapman Macmillan
History of the Ancient World 1 Starr Oxford
History of the Conquest of Mexico (& Peru) 1 Prescott Modern Library
History of the Holocaust 1 Bauer Watts
History of the Jews 1 Johnson Harper & Row
History of the World in 100 Objects 1 MacGregor Viking
History of Rome 1 Mommsen Folio Society
History of Rome Under the Emperors 1 Mommsen Routledge
History of the Sierra Nevada 1 Farquhar California
History of the Supreme Court 1 Schwartz Oxford
History of the United States 3 Hawthorne P.F. Collier & Son
History of Wales 1 Davies Penguin Books
Hitler's Private Library 1 Ryback Knopf
Hittites 1 Gurney Folio Society
Hummingbird and the Hawk 1 Padden Harper Torchbooks
Hunting of the President 1 Conason & Lyons St. Martin's Press
Illustrated Dictionary of Greek & Roman Mythology 1 Stapleton Peter Bedrick
In the Morning of My Life 1 Netherton Tyndale
Iran Contra: The Final Report 1 Walsh Times
Italians in America 1 Grossman Lerner
Kingdoms of Gold Kingdoms of Jade 1 Fagan Thames & Hudson
L.A. Landmarks, Lost and Almost Lost 1 Olnick Photo Friends of the Los Angeles Public Library Publications
Land of Golden Dreams 1 Blodgett Huntington
Landmark Thucydides 1 Strassler Free Press
Later Roman Empire 1 Cameron Harvard
LBJ - A foreign Observer's Viewpoint 1 Davie Duell, Sloan and Pearce
Leaders 1 Nixon Warner Books
Le Petomane 1 Nohain & Caradec Sherbourne
Lewis Carroll 1 Cohen Papermac
Library at Mount Vernon 1 Caroll & Meacham Beta Phi Mu
Lies 1 Franken Dutton
Life of Samuel Johnson, Vol. III 1 Boswell Heritage Press
Little Treasury of Main Street U.S.A. 1 Henry Vanguard Press
Livy: Early History of Rome 1 Radice Penguin
Lone Star Rising 1 Dallek Oxford
Long Beach From Sand to City 1 Hoffman Royal Press
Los Angeles Metropolitan Experience 1 Nelson Ballinger
Los Angeles 200 1 Seidenbaum & Melmin Abrams
Love in the Ancient World 1 Miles & Norwich St. Martin's Press
Lyndon 1 Miller Ballantine
Lyndon Johnson 1 Reedy Andrews & McMeel
Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream 1 Kearns Harper & Row
Macchiavelli: The Prince 1 Macchiavelli BOMC
Mad As Hell 1 Germond & Whitcover Warner
Making of the President 1960 1 White Atheneum
Making of the President 1964 1 White New American Library
Making of the President 1968 1 White Atheneum
March of Folly 1 Tuchman Knopf
Marco Polo: Travels 1 Latham Penguin
Medieval & Modern History 1 Myers Ginn
Mein Kampf 1 Hitler Reynal & Hitchcock
Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Thaddeus Stevens 1 House of Representatives Government Printing Office
Miracle at Philadelphia 1 Bowen BOMC/Little Brown
Mission Not Accomplished 1 Turner Penmarin
Modern History 1 Becker & Cooper Silver Burdett
Moments In Time 1 Associated Press Gallery Books
Mr. Lincoln's Army 1 Catton Doubleday
My Life 1 Clinton Alfred A. Knopf
Mysteries of the Past 1 Casson, Clairborne, Fagan & Karp American Heritage/Charles Scribner's Sons
Mythology 1 Hamilton Little Brown
Nazi Octopus In South America 1 Artucio Robert Hale
Nervous Splendour 1 Morton Folio Society
Nestle: 125 Years 1 Heer Nestle
New Deal 1 Conkin Harlan Davidson, Inc.
New York Times Page One 1 New York Times Galahad Books
Nicholas & Alexandra 1 Massie Folio Society
No More Vietnams 1 Nixon Arbor House
Northern Voyages 1 Morison Oxford
Not Out of Africa 1 Lefkowitz Basic Books
Of Power and Right 1 Ball & Cooper Oxford
Old World's New World 1 Woodward Oxford
One Night Stands With American History 1 Schenkman & Reiger Quill
Ottoman Empire 1 Kinross Folio Society
Our Country 1 Barone Free Press
Outline History of Latin America 1 Wilgus Barnes & Noble
Oxford Book of the British Monarchy 1 Cannon & Griffiths Oxford
Oxford Book of Exploration 1 Hanbury-Tenison Oxford
Oxford Book of Marriage 1 Rubinstein Oxford
Oxford Book of Royal Anecdotes 1 Longford Oxford
Oxford Classical Dictionary 1 Hornblower & Sawforth Oxford
Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization 1 Hornblower & Sawforth Oxford
Oxford Companion to World War II 1 Dear & Foot Oxford
Oxford History of the American People 1 Morison Oxford
Oxford History of the Classical World 1 Boardman, Griffin & Murray Oxford
Oxford History of Italy 1 Holmes Oxford
Oxford History of Mexico 1 Meyer & Beezley Oxford
Patrick Henry 1 Meade Lippincott
Persians 1 Cook Folio Society
Plutarch's Lives 1 Dryden & Clough Modern Library
Politics of Truth 1 Wilson Carroll & Graf
Postwar America 1945-1971 1 Zinn Bobbs-Merrill
Power & Politics In America 1 Freedman Duxbury
Prehistoric Mesoamerica 1 Adams Little Brown
Present At the Creation 1 Acheson Norton
Presidential Anecdotes 1 Boller Oxford
Presidential Campaigns 1 Boller Oxford
Presidential Wives 1 Boller Oxford
Procopius: Secret History 1 Williamson Penguin
Queen Victoria's Jubilees 1887 & 1897 1 Chapman & Raben Debrett's Peerage Limited
Quotable Harry S. Truman 1 Settel Berkley
Remarkable Mother 1 Carter Simon & Schuster
Remembering America 1 Goodwin Little, Brown
Remembering Pearl Harbor 1 Slackman Arizona Memorial Museum Association
Reporting World War II 2 Various Library of America
Return of Depression Economics 1 Krugman Norton
Revolt in the Desert 1 Lawrence Folio Society
Richard M. Nixon: Memorial Tributes 1 United States Government Printing Office United States Government Printing Office
Rise & Fall of the Third Reich 1 Shirer Simon & Schuster
Robert's Rules of Order 1 Robert Scott, Foresman and Company
Roman Revolution 1 Syme Folio Society
Roman Society 1 Dill Macmillan
Roman Way 1 Hamilton Avon
Romanization in the Time of Augustus 1 MacMullen Yale
Rome 1 Rostovtzeff Oxford
Running for President 1976 1 Schram Stein and Day
Scribes & Scholars 1 Reynolds & Wilson Oxford
Selected Readings In American History 1 Various Brittanica
Sense of History 1 American Heritage Houghton Mifflin
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World 1 Romer & Romer Henry Holt
Sex, Art, and American Culture 1 Paglia Vintage
Sex in Elizabethan England 1 Haynes Sutton
Shattered Dream 1 Smith Morrow
Short History of the Arab Peoples 1 Glubb Dorset Press
Short History of the Far East 1 Latourette Macmillan
Silent Coup 1 Colodny & Gettlin St. Martin's Press
Six Crises 1 Nixon Doubleday
Smithsonian Book of Books 1 Olmert Smithsonian Books
Stillness At Appomattox 1 Catton Doubleday
Story of Mankind 1 Van Loon Garden City
Strange Death of the Soviet Empire 1 Pryce-Jones Metropolitan Books
Tacitus: Annals 1 Grant Penguin
Texan Looks at Lyndon 1 Haley Palo Duro Press
Text of the New Testament 1 Metzger Oxford
These United States 1 Reader's Digest Reader's Digest
Thieves in High Places 1 Hightower Viking
Timelines of the Ancient World 1 Scarre Smithsonian
Tomorrow the World 1 Goda Texas A&M
To Serve the Devil (Vol. II) 1 Jacobs & Landau Vintage
Torch is Passed 1 Associated Press Associated Press
Transcendentalist Ministers 1 Hutchison Beacon
Travels in West Africa 1 Kingsley Folio Society
Triumph of Politics 1 Stockman Harper & Row
Truman 1 McCullough Simon & Schuster
Truth 1 Franken Dutton
Turning Point 1 Carter Times Books
Tyranny in America 1 Wood Verso
Underground Education 1 Zacks Doubleday
United States Since 1865 1 Hacker & Kendrick Appleton Century Crofts
Unmaking of the American Working Class 1 Theriault New Press
Vanished Library 1 Canfora University of California Press
Vantage Point 1 Johnson Holt, Rinehart & Winston
Victory In Europe 1 Hastings & Stevens Little, Brown
Vinland Map & Tartar Relation 1 Skelton, Marston & Painter Yale
Visions of the Future 1 Heilbroner Oxford
Wages of Globalism 1 Brands Oxford
Walt Disney: Hollywood's Dark Prince 1 Eliot Birch Lane Press
Wannsee Conference and the Final Solution 1 Roseman Folio Society
Warren Report 1 Warren Associated Press
Wars of the 20th Century 1 Various Longmeadow Press
Washington Goes to War 1 Brinkley Knopf
Washington's Farewell Address (& Webster Speech) 1 Gaston Ginn
Western Experience 1 Chambers, Green, Herlihy, Rabb & Woloch Knopf
What are the Seven Wonders of the World 1 D'Epiro & Pinkowish Folio Society
When the Cheering Stopped 1 Smith Morrow
Who's Who in the Greek World 1 Hazel Routledge
Who's Who in the Roman World 1 Hazel Routledge
Wit and Wisdom of Harry S Truman 1 Caldwell Stein and Day
Wonders of the World 1 Goldhill, Barber, Rabb & Glancey Folio Society
World Almanac 1972 1 Long Newspaper Enterprise Association
World Almanac 1974 1 Delury Newspaper Enterprise Association
World Almanac 1989 1 Hoffman Pharos Books
World Almanac 1993 1 Hoffman Pharos Books
World Almanac 1994 1 Farringhetti Funk & Wagnalls
World Almanac 1998 1 Farringhetti World Almanac Books
World Almanac 2000 1 Farringhetti World Almanac Books
World Almanac 2011 1 Janssen World Almanac Books
World Almanac 2014 1 Janssen World Almanac Books
World Almanac 2018 1 Janssen World Almanac Books
World History 1 Bullock Doubleday
World of Late Antiquity 1 Brown Folio Society
World of Odysseus 1 Finley Folio Society
WWII 1 Winchester Prentice Hall
Yeager 1 Yeager & Janos Bantam
Years of Lyndon Johnson: The Path to Power 1 Caro Alfred A. Knopf
You and Election '72 1 Austin, et al. Prentice-Hall

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