The Janet Collection

Once a Grand Duchess 1 Van Der Kiste & Hall Sutton
Kitchen Boy 1 Alexander Viking
Cider with Rosie 1 Lee Folio Society
Lost on Everest 1 Firstbrook Contemporary Books
Russia's Rulers Under the Old Regime 1 Lieven Yale
Peter the Great 1 Massie Wings
Romanovs - Love, Power & Tragedy 1 Blkhanov, Krodt, Oustimenko, Peregadova & Tyutyunnik Leppi
Romanovs 1 Lincoln Dial Press
Romanovs 1818-1959 1 Van Der Kiste Sutton
Nicholas II 1 Ferro Oxford
Nicholas II 1 Lieven St. Martin's Griffin
Czars and Czarinas of Russia 1 Rice Lothrop
Last Tsar 1 Radzinsky Doubleday
Last Tsar 1 Yermilova Parkstone Planeta
Nicholas and Alexandra, the Family Albums 1 Prince Michael Tauris Parke
Tsar 1 Kurth Little, Brown
Lifelong Passion 1 Maylunas & Mironenko Doubleday
Titanic Disaster 1 Bryceson Norton
Titanic: The Canadian Story 1 Hustak Vhicule Press
Titanic Survivor 1 Jessop Sheridan House
Unsinkable 1 Butler Stackpole
I Died on the Titanic 1 O'Hara-Keeton Arrowhead Books
Titanic: A Survivor's Story 1 Gracie Academy Chicago
Discovery of the Titanic 1 Ballard Warner/Madison
Titanic 1 Tibbals Reader's Digest
Titanic: End of a Dream 1 Wade Penguin
Last Days of the Titanic 1 O'Donnell Roberts Rinehart
Titanic Voices 1 Hyslop, Forsyth & Jemima St. Martin's Press
Titanic 1 Eaton & Haas Norton
Titanic: An Illustrated History 1 Lynch Hyperion
Murder a la Mode 1 Moyes Henry Holt
And be a Villain 1 Stout Bantam
League of Frightened Men 1 Stout Bantam
Don't Leave Me This Way 1 Smith Fawcett Crest
What Men Say 1 Smith Fawcett Crest
Why Aren't They Screaming 1 Smith Fawcett Crest
An Afternoon to Kill 1 Smith Academy Chicago
Hand of Death 1 Yorke Carroll & Graf
Live Flesh 1 Rendell Ballantine
Killing Doll 1 Rendell Ballantine
Murder in My Backyard 1 Cleeves Fawcett Gold Medal
Black Tower 1 James Warner
Holy Thief 1 Peters Mysterious Press
Summer of the Danes 1 Peters Mysterious Press
Black Alice 1 Disch & Sladek Carroll & Graf
Salt is Leaving 1 Priestley Carroll & Graf
Died in the Wool 1 Marsh Jobe
Anna, Where are You? 1 Wentworth Harper Perennial
At Bertram's Hotel 1 Christie Pocket
By the Pricking of My Thumb 1 Christie Pocket
Cards on the Table 1 Christie Berkley
Caribbean Mystery 1 Christie Pocket
Cat Among the Pigeons 1 Christie Pocket
Clocks 1 Christie Pocket
Crooked House 1 Christie Pocket
Dead Man's Mirror 1 Christie Berkley
Endless Night 1 Christie Pocket
Labors of Hercules 1 Christie Berkley
Man in the Brown Suit 1 Christie Berkley
Murder at Hazelmoor 1 Christie Berkley
Murder on the Links 1 Christie Berkley
Murder in Mesopotamia 1 Christie Berkley
Murder With Mirrors 1 Christie Pocket
Murder of Roger Ackroyd 1 Christie Harper
N or M? 1 Christie Berkley
Pale Horse 1 Christie Pocket
Peril at End House 1 Christie Pocket
Pocket Full of Rye 1 Christie Pocket
Secret of Chimneys 1 Christie Berkley
Ten Little Indians 1 Christie Pocket
They Came to Baghdad 1 Christie Berkley
Third Girl 1 Christie Harper
Thirteen at Dinner 1 Christie Berkley
Out on a Limb 1 MacLaine Bantam
Dancing in the Light 1 MacLaine Bantam
Two Lives of Errol Flynn 1 Freedland Morrow
Sunshine and Shadow 1 Pickford Doubleday
Mary Pickford: America's Sweetheart 1 Eyman Donald I. Fine
Mary Pickford Rediscovered 1 Brownlow Abrams
Pickord 1 Whitfield Kentucky
Vanity Will Get You Somewhere 1 Cotten Mercury House
Steven Spielberg 1 McBride Simon & Schuster
Orson Welles 1 Leaming Viking
Marilyn and Me 1 Strasberg Warner
Crypt 33 1 Gregory & Speriglio Birch Lane Press
Babe 1 McCabe Citadel
Mr. Laurel & Mr. Hardy 1 McCabe Plume
Stan 1 Guiles Stein and Day
Laurel and Hardy 1 Skretvedt Moonstone
Laurel & Hardy Scrapbook 1 Scagnetti Jonathan David
Laurel and Hardy 1 McCabe, Kilgore & Bann Bonanza
Hollywood in a Suitcase 1 Davis Morrow
Life is Too Short 1 Rooney Villard
Nine Lives of Mickey Rooney 1 Marx Stein and Day
Dream Lovers 1 Darin Warner
Astaire 1 Thomas St. Martin's Press
Stooge Chronicles 1 Forrester Triumvirate
Three Stooges Scrapbook 1 Lenburg, Maurer & Lenburg Citadel
Stooge Mania 1 Hansen Contemporary
Moe Howard & The 3 Stooges 1 Howard Citadel
Harold Lloyd 1 Reilly Collier
Groucho Phile 1 Marx Galahad
Harold Lloyd 1 Dardis Viking
Raised Eyebrows 1 Stoliar Gerneral Publishing Group
Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Sometimes Zeppo 1 Adamson Touchstone
Groucho Letters 1 Marx Simon & Schuster
Hello, I Must Be Going 1 Chandler Penguin
Son of Groucho 1 Marx McKay
Harpo Speaks 1 Marx & Barber Limelight Editions
Moon's a Balloon 1 Niven Dell
Valentino 1 Shulman Trident Press
Dear Me 1 Ustinov Atlantic - Little, Brown
Doris Day 1 Hotchner Morrow
Fly Away Home 1 Weld Mission Publishing
Mabel 1 Fussell Ticknor & Fields
If This Was Happiness 1 Leaming Ballentine
Natalie 1 Wood Putnam
King of Comedy 1 Sennett & Shipp Mercury House
Notes on a Cowardly Lion 1 Lahr Limelight Editions
Good Night, Sweet Prince 1 Fowler Viking
My Story 1 Bergman & Burgess Delacorte Press
Darn Right It's Butch 1 Bond & Genini Morgin Press
Last Hero 1 Swindell Doubleday
Clara Bow 1 Stenn Cooper Square Press
Gene Kelly 1 Hirschhorn St. Martin's Press
Tracy and Hepburn 1 Kanin Viking
Kiss Hollywood Goodby 1 Loos Viking
100 Years, 100 Stories 1 Burns Putnam
Audrey Hepburn 1 Morley Pavilion
Audrey Hepburn 1 Paris Putnam
Me 1 Hepburn Knopf
No Bed of Roses 1 Fontaine Morrow
Now 1 Bacall Knopf
My Mother's Keeper 1 Hyman Morrow
This'N That 1 Davis & Herskowitz Putnam
I'd Love to Kiss You 1 Stine Pocket Books
Bette & Joan 1 Considine Dutton
Tramp 1 Milton Harper Collins
Chaplin 1 Robinson McGraw Hill
My Autobiography 1 Chaplin Simon & Schuster
Charlie Chaplin 1 Hale Scarecrow Press
Child Star 1 Black McGraw Hill
Portrait of Jennifer 1 Epstein Simon & Schuster
Swanson on Swanson 1 Swanson Random House
Shelley II 1 Winters Simon & Schuster
Ginger 1 Rogers Harper Collins
Hollywood's Children 1 Cary Houghton Mifflin Company
Please Don't Shoot My Dog 1 Cooper & Kleiner Morrow
My Wonderful World of Slapstick 1 Keaton Da Capo
Keaton 1 Dardis Penguin
Buster Keaton: Cut to the Chase 1 Meade Harper Collins
Divine Garbo 1 Sands & Broman Grosset & Dunlap
Walking With Garbo 1 Daum & Muse Harper Collins
Epic 1 Searles Abrams
Hollywood Color Portraits 1 Kobal Morrow
Bystander 1 Westerbeck & Meyerowitz Bullfinch
Dreamland 1 Lesy The New Press
100 Years of Holywood Magic 1 Webb Motion Picture and Television Fund
Century 1 Bernard Phaidon Press
Harry & Wally's Favorite TV Shows 1 Castleman & Podrazik Prentice Hall
TV Series Regulars of the 50's & 60's 1 Kulzer McFarland
Television: The Critical View 1 Newcomb Oxford
Classic Sitcoms 1 Waldron Macmillan
Complete Directory to Prime Time TV Stars 1 Brooks Ballentine
Television Comedy Series 1 Eisner & Krinsky McFarland
Book of TV Lists 1 Essoe Arlington House
Prime Time Proverbs 1 Mingo & Javna Harmony
Honeymooner's Companion 1 McCrohan Workman
Honeymooner's Lost Episodes 1 McCrohan & Crescenti Workman
Official Mickey Mouse Club Book 1 Santoli Hyperion
World According to Beaver 1 Applebaum Bantam
Twilight Zone Companion (Copy 2) 1 Zicree Bantam
Andy Griffith Show Book 1 Beck & Clark St. Martin's Press
Bewitched Book 1 Pilato Delta
Addams Chronicles 1 Cox Harper Perennial
Inside Gilligan's Island 1 Schwartz McFarland
Brady Bunch Book 1 Edelstein & Lovece Warner Books
Partridge Family Album 1 Green Harper Perennial
Ziegfield Touch 1 Ziegfield & Ziegfield Abrams
Frank Sinatra: Ol' Blue Eyes 1 Goldstein Holt, Rinehart & Winston
His Way 1 Kelley Bantam
Bombshell 1 Stenn Doubleday
Vamp 1 Golden Emprise
Three Phases of Eve 1 Arden St. Martin's Press
Hitchcock 1 Truffaut Simon & Schuster
Bogart 1 Bogart Dutton
Humphrey Bogart 1 Coe Grove Weidenfeld
Bogart 1 Pettigrew Proteus
Bogie and Me 1 Thompson & SHepherd St. Martin's Press
Dirk Bogarde 1 Tantich Ebury Press
Louise Brooks 1 Jaccard New York Zoetrope
Lulu in Hollywood 1 Brooks Knopf
Judy 1 Watson & Chapman McGraw Hill
D.W. Griffith 1 Schickel Simon & Schuster
What Falls Away 1 Farrow Nan A. Talese - Doubleday
Cary Grant 1 Schickel Little, Brown
I Remember Jimmy 1 Adler Arlington House
David Lean 1 Silverman Abrams
Wonderful Life 1 Thomas Citadel Stars
Princess Merle 1 Higham & Moseley Coward - McCann
Girl Next Door 1 Powell Morrow
W.C. Fields 1 Fields St. Martin's Press
Eisenstein at Work 1 Leyda & Voynow Pantheon
Complete Films of Buster Keaton 1 Kline Citadel Press
Films of Frank Sinatra 1 Ringgold & McCarty Citadel Stars
Films of Charlie Chaplin 1 McDonald, Conway & Ricci Citadel
Films of Bette Davis 1 Ringgold Citadel
Films of Barbara Stanwyck 1 Dickens Citadel Press
Who is That 1 Meyers Greenwich House
Films of the Bowery Boys 1 Hayes & Walker Citadel Press
Those Little Rascals 1 Gulick Crescent
Films of Laurel and Hardy 1 Everson Citadel
Films of Shirley Temple 1 Windeler Citadel
Cast of Thousands 1 Loos Grosset & Dunlap
Great Movie Directors 1 Sennett Abrams/AFI Press
Films of Carol Reed 1 Moss Columbia
Luciano Vixconti 1 Tonetti Columbus Books
Growing Up in Hollywood 1 Parrish Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
People Will Talk 1 Kobal Knopf
Munchkins of Oz 1 Cox Cumberland House
Hollywood: The Pioneers 1 Brownlow & Kobal Knopf
Great Movie Comedies 1 Maltin Crown
Pretty Babies 1 Darvi McGraw Hill
Hollywood Kids 1 Aylesworth Dutton
Casablanca: As Time Goes By 1 Miller Turner
Casablanca 1 Koch The Overlook Press
You Must Remember This... 1 Francisco Prentice Hall
Tara Treasury 1 Gardner Arlington House
Gone With the Wind 1 Bridges Fireside
It's a Wonderful Life Book 1 Basinger Knopf
Making of the Misfits 1 Goode Limelight Editions
Godfather Legacy 1 Lebo Fireside - Simon & Schuster
Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho 1 Rebello Dembner Books
Citizen Kane Book 1 Kael, Mankiewicz & Welles Limelight Editions
Making of Pride and Prejudice 1 Birtwistle & Conklin Penguin - BBC
Making of the Wizard of Oz 1 Harmetz Limelight Editions
Wizard of Oz 1 Fricke, Scarone & Stillman Warner
Sound of Music 1 Hirsch Contemporary Books
Making of the African Queen 1 Hepburn Knopf
Three Classic Silent Comedies Starring Harold Lloyd 1 McCaffrey Farleigh Dickinson
MGM Story 1 Eames Crown
All the Stars in Heaven 1 Carey Dutton
Warner Bros. Story 1 Hirschhorn Crown
Inside Warner Bros. (1935-1951) 1 Behlmer Viking
Cookery for Today 1 Batchelder Butterick
Co-Op 25th Anniversary Menu Book 1 Consumer's Cooperative of Berkeley Consumer's Cooperative of Berkeley
You Must Remember This 1 Wagner Putnam
If You Could See What I Hear 1 Sullivan & Gill Harper & Row
Cocina Mexicana - Mexican Cooking 1 Fernandez Panorama
United Artists Story 1 Bergan Crown
Pinewood Story 1 Burford Reynolds & Hearn
Films of 20th Century-Fox 1 Thomas & Solomon Citadel Press
RKO Story 1 Jewell & Harbin Arlington House
RKO: The Biggest Little Major of Them All 1 Lasky Prentice Hall
American Film History Prior to 1920 1 Slide The Scarecrow Press
LA Unconventional 1 Rasmussen Los Angeles Times
Twenty Years of Silents 1908-1928 1 Weaver The Scarecrow Press
Silent Echoes 1 Bengtson Santa Monica Press
Silent Stars 1 Basinger Knopf
Silent Clowns 1 Kerr Knopf
In the Kingdom of the Shadows 1 Harding & Popple Farleigh Dickinson
Classics of the Silent Screen 1 Franklin Citadel
Speed of Sound 1 Eyman Simon & Schuster
Sin in Soft Focus 1 Vieira Abrams
Encyclopedia of American Film Comedy 1 Langman Garlant
Laughing in the Dark 1 Sennett St. Martin's Press
Great Christmas Movies 1 Thompson Taylor
Hollywood Musical 1 Hirschhorn Crown
Hollywood Musical (Copy 2) 1 Hirschhorn Crown
Cult Movies 1 Peary Delta
What a Drag 1 Dickens Quill
Dark Side of the Screen: Film Noir 1 Hirsch Barnes
They Didn't Win the Oscars 1 Libby Arlington House
Inside Oscar 1 Wiley & Bona Ballantine Books
50 Golden Years of Oscar 1 Osborne ESE California
Complete Book of Major U.S. Show Business Awards 1 Kaplan Garland
Movie Ad Book 1 Vance Control Data Publishing
Souvenir Programs of Twelve Classic Movies 1927-1941 1 Kreuger Dover
Hollywood Collectibles 1 Zillner Schiffer
Lobby Cards: The Classic Comedies 1 Scott Pomegranate Press
Lobby Cards: The Classic Films 1 Scott Pomegranate Press
Foyer Pleasure 1 Kobal & Wilson Aurum
Uncommon Woman 1 Pakula Touchstone - Simon & Schuster
Hollywood Babylon 1 Anger Straight Arrow Books
Lamparski's Hidden Hollywood 1 Lamparski Fireside
Nostalgia Entertainment Sourcebook 1 Young Moonstone Press
Cast of Killers 1 Kirkpatrick Dutton
Hollywood: Land and Legend 1 Cini & Crane Arlington House
Sugar'n Spice 1 Wimpole Street Creations Wimpole Street Creations
Woman in the Mists 1 Mowatt MacDonald
Danse Macabre 1 King Everest
Different Seasons 1 King Viking
Hollywood: The First Hundred Years 1 Torrence New York Zoetrope
Hollywood on Hollywood 1 McClelland Faber and Faber
Mind Test 1 Aero & Weiner Quill
Brain Game 1 Aero & Weiner Quill
Grandmother's Book 1 Levin Hugh Lauter Levin Associates
Laura's Album 1 Anderson Harper Collins
Felix 1 Canemaker Da Capo
16mm Rental Films 1983-1984 1 Parker Kit Parker Films
Movies We Love 1 Miller Turner
Jimmy Stewart and His Poems 1 Stewart Crown
Movie Lists 1 Koski & Symons Chapmans
Connoisseur's Guide to the Movies 1 Monaco Facts on File
Lost, Lonely & Vicious 1 Barson Pantheon
Golden Turkey Awards 1 Medved & Medved Perigee
Oddities 1 Gould Bell
Film Tricks 1 Schechter & Everitt Quist
Stones from the River 1 Hegi Scribner Paperback Fiction
Hippopotamus 1 Fry Random House
Short History of the Movies 1 Mast Bobbs-Merrill
Officers and Gentlemen 1 Waugh Little, Brown
Brideshead Revisited 1 Waugh Little, Brown
Scoop 1 Waugh Little, Brown
Decline and Fall 1 Waugh Little, Brown
Handful of Dust 1 Waugh Little, Brown
Vile Bodies 1 Waugh Little, Brown
Men at Arms 1 Waugh Little, Brown
Peter Ibbetson 1 Du Maurier Harpers
Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat 1 Sacks Summit Books
Screen World 51 - 2000 1 Willis Applause
Screen World 52 - 2001 1 Willis Applause
Screen World 53 - 2002 1 Willis Applause
Nancy of Paradise Cottage 1 Watkins Jacobs
Movie Lover's Guide to Hollywood 1 Alleman Harper Colophon Books
Picnics and Barbecues 1 Bon Appetit The Knapp Press
Sunset Recipe Annual 1990 1 Sunset Editors Lane Publishing
Esquire Party Book 1 Editors of Esquire, Welch & Welch Esquire Harper Row
New Testament: Large Type 1 Primary Association of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints World Publishing Company
Book of Mormon 1 Grant The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints
Woman's Day Christmas Crafts and Food 1 Von Zoreck Sedgewood
Spirit of Christmas, Book Nine 1 Van Wagner Childs Leisure Arts Inc.
Cookery for 1 or 2 1 Swain HP Books
Children of the West 1 Luchetti Norton
Trial By Ice 1 Parry Ballantine Books
Adventure in the Movies 1 Cameron Crescent

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