The Kipling Collection

Tom Swift and His Flying Lab 1 Appleton Grosset & Dunlap
Tom Swift and His Rocket Ship 1 Appleton Grosset & Dunlap
More Stories to Remember - Vol. 1 1 Costain & Beecroft Doubleday
Bluejackets Manual 1 United States Naval Institute United States Naval Institute
Snobs 1 Lynes Harper & Brothers
Book of the United States 1 Rand McNally Rand McNally
Saint and Mr. Teal 1 Charteris Triangle Books
Adventures of Nicolas 1 Clarke California State Series
Gulliver's Travels 1 Swift Rand McNally
Early Detection 1 Strax Harper & Row
Arrow Book of Project Fun 1 Klein Scholastic Book Services
When We Very Very Young 1 Milne Dutton
Now We Are Six 1 Milne Dutton
Roget's Pocket Thesaurus 1 Mawson Pocket Books
Reader's Digest Condensed Books - Autumn 1953 - Vol. XV 1 Reader's Digest Association Reader's Digest Association
Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court 1 Twain Harpers
Bear Cub Scout Book 1 Boy Scouts of America Boy Scouts of America
Lion-Weblos Cub Scout BOok 1 Boy Scouts of America Boy Scouts of America
Huckleberry Finn 1 Twain Whitman Publishing Company
Sheik 1 Hull A.L. Burt Company
Jubilee Trail 1 Bristow Thomas Y. Crowell Company
Crow Flies Crooked 1 Kisling McKay
No Heaven for Gunga Din 1 Gunga Din Dutton
Red Ryder and the Thunder Trail 1 McGill Whitman Publishing Company
Stepping Westward 1 Bradbury Houghton Mifflin Co.
Phantom of Pine Hil 1 Keene Grosset & Dunlap
Strange Message in the Parchment 1 Keene Grosset & Dunlap
Hidden Window Mystery 1 Keene Grosset & Dunlap
Secret of the Wooden Lady 1 Keene Grosset & Dunlap
Geometry 1 Goodwin, Vannatta & Fawcett Merrill
Building Citizenship 1 Hughes Allyn & Bacon
Circus Dan 1 Morse Goldsmith
Bobbsey Twins in the Country - 1953 1 Hope Whitman Publishing Company
Three Musketeers 1 Dumas Whitman Publishing Company
My America 1 Powell & Persico Random House
Freshman Mathematics 1 Mullins & Smith Ginn & Co.
Wilderness Trail 1 Williams Grosset & Dunlap
Bedtime Stories - Vol 9-12, Vol 13, Vol 17-20 3 Maxwell Review and Herald Publishing Association
Hurry Up Slowpoke 1 Newell Wonder Books
Happy Holidays 1 Reichert Rand McNally
Sleeping Beauty and the Good Fairies 1 Disney Golden
When the New Baby Comes I'm Moving Out 1 Alexander Dial Press
Sword in the Tree 1 Bulla Scholastic Book Services
Best Friends 1 Brown Golden Gate Junior Books
1894 Sears Catalog Reproduction 1 Sears Sears
Declaration of Independence 1 Sears Bantam Books/Sears
American Heritage Cookbook 1 McCally Bantam Books
Poor Richard's Almanac 1 Franklin Bantam Books/Sears
Coming of the New Deal 1 Schlesinger Houghton Mifflin Company
Dorothy Dixon and the Double Cousin 1 Wagner Goldsmitn
On Market Street 1 Lobel Scholastic Book Services
Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You 1 Dr. Seuss Random House
Rattle Rattle Dump Truck 1 Geis Wonder Books
Standin' Tall With Honesty 1 Brady Brite
Industrial Geography 1 Whitbeck American Book Company
Bobbsey Twins in the Country - 1950 1 Hope Whitman Publishing Company
Two Orphans 1 D'Ennery Hurst & Company
Manual for Metal Working 1 McGinnis J.F. McGinnis
Broken Gate 1 Grayson Doubleday
Laboratory Course in Reading and Writing 1 Himes & Christ Crofts
What is Your Favorite Thing to Touch 1 Gibson Grosset & Dunlap
Strawberry Shortcake and the Crazy Baking Contest 1 Miller Parker Brothers
Young Students Encyclopedia - Vol. 1 1 Wolfson Funk & Wagnalls
Better Homes & Gardens Baby Book 1 Candill Meredith Press
Harvard Classics - Vol 19 1 Eliot Collier
Ada 1 Nabokov McGraw-Hill
French Lieutenant's Woman 1 Fowles Little, Brown
Inquisitor 1 Walpole The Literary Guild
Promises to Keep 1 Bowles Haper & Row
Operators 1 Gibney Harper
Fright Night 1 Albright Troll Associates
Baseball Stars of 1956 1 Jacobs Lion Literary Editions
Health - 3 1 Byrd California State Department of Education
Collier's Encyclopedia - Vol 1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 18-21, 23, 24 13 Halsey Crowell Collier and Macmillan
World's Great Events Vol 1-5 5 Singleton P.F. Collier & Son
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 1 Verne/Disney Golden Books
Life in Europe: Italy 1 Kish Fideler
Blaze and the Indian Cave 1 Anderson Macmillan
Correct English 1 Tanner Ginn and Company
Tell Me How the Sun Rose 1 Clymer Ginn and Company
Democracy Under Pressure 1 Cummings & Wise Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
Planet Earth 1 Weiner Bantam
Advanced Wiring 1 Frankel Time Life Books
Plumbing 1 Porter Time Life Books
Manual of Home Repairs, Remodeling & Maintenance 1 Eisinger Grosset & Dunlap
Taking Care of Your Child 1 Pantell, Fries & Vickery Addison Wesley
Vineland 1 Pynchon Little, Brown
My Turn 1 Reagan & Novak Random house
National Audubon Society Nature 6 Audubon Society Nelson Doubleday
Mathematics in Agriculture 1 McGee Prentice-Hall
Espanol A Sentirlo 1 Woodford, Marshall & Schmitt MacGraw Hill
Beethoven Conspiracy 1 Hauser Macmillan
Bear Cub Scout Book - COPY 1 Boy Scouts of America Boy Scouts of America
First Course in Algebra 1 Mallory Sanborn
Ghost of Blackwood Hall 1 Keene Grosset & Dunlap
Oliver Twist 1 Dickens Books, Inc.
First on the Moon 1 Armstrong, Collins & Aldrin Little, Brown
Connections 1 Burke Little, Brown
Stand Treasury of Learning - Vol 1-7, 10, 16, 17 10 Standard Reference Works Publishing Co. Standard Reference Works Publishing Co.
Thy Tears Might Cease 1 Farrell Alfred A.Knopf
Cork Street Next to the Hatters 1 Johnson Scribners
Shadow of a Cloud 1 Robertson Harcourt, Brace & Company
Adventures of the Mind 1 Thruelson & Cobler Alfred A.Knopf
Superlawyers 1 Goulden Weybright and Talley
War Day 1 Strieber & Kunetka Holt Rinehart Winston
Half a Man 1 Ovington Hill and Wang
Ivanhoe 1 Scott Modern Promotions
Treasure Island 1 Stevenson David S. Lake Publishers
Arctic Dreams 1 Lopez Charles Scribner's Sons
Six Men 1 Cooka Knopf
Spanish: A Short Course 1 DaSilva Harper & Row
Aquitaine Progression 1 Ludlum Random House
Golden Book Picture Atlas of the World Vol 1-6 6 Bacon Golden Press
Golden Book Picture Atlas of the World Vol 1-5 (Copy 2) 5 Bacon Golden Press
Golden Book Encyclopedia Vol 1-3, 5-9, 12-14 11 Parker Golden Press
Golden Book Encyclopedia Vol 1 (Copy 2) 1 Parker Golden Press
Wonderful Window 1 Vardon Vardon
Mother Goose 1 Malvern Golden Books
Man, Myth & Magic - Vol 1 1 Cavendish BPC Publishing
Question and Answer Book About the Human Body 1 McGovern Random House
Scott, Foresman Mathematics 1 Bolster Scott, Foresman and Co.
Standing Tall With Happiness 1 Brady Brite
How to Read and Write in College 1 Dodge Harper & Row
World View 1 Sorenson California State Department of Education
America and its Presidents 1 Miers Grosset & Dunlap
Better Homes and Gardens New Baby Book 1 Kiester & Kiester Meredith
Story of Jesus 1 Smith Whitman Publishing Company
Northeast 1 Jennings California State Department of Education
Program in Contemporary Algebra 1 Heimer, Kocher & Lottes Holt Rinehart Winston
Scout Field Book 1 West & Hillcourt Boy Scouts of America
Night Before Christmas 1 Modern Promotions Modern Promotions
Horizon - Nov. 1959 1 Thorndike American Horizon Inc.
How Hollywood Dances 1 Lawrence Ambassador Station
Laborratory Experiments int Functional Chemistry 1 Wessels Wessels Publishing Company
Danny Kaye's Stories from Many Lands 1 Kaye Random House
Night Before Christmas 1 Moore Rand McNally
Davy Crockett American Hero 1 Grant Rand McNally
Somebody Loves You 1 Rice Guideposts
How a Baby Grows 1 Gesell Harper & Brothers
Knowledge - No. 1, Vol. 1; No. 2, Vol. 1; No. 7, Vol. 1 3 Aldendorff Golden
Love Unlimited 1 White Pacific Press
Handbook for Scoutmasters 1 Boy Scouts of America Boy Scouts of America
I Never Played the Game 1 Cosell & Bonventure Morrow
Last Lion 1 Manchester Little, Brown
Damon Runyon Favorites 1 Runyon World Publishing Company
Best Sellers from Reader's Digest Condensed Books 1 Reader's Digest Association Reader's Digest Association
American Legislative Process 1 Keefe & Ogul Prentice Hall
Killing Doll 1 Rendell Pantheon
Writing the Composition 1 Orgel Educators Publishing Service
People's Almanac 1 Wllechinsky & Wallace Doubleday
New Angles on Putting 1 Harris Reilly & Lee
Rand McNally World Atlas 1 Rand McNally Rand McNally
Daniel Boone Hunter, Trapper and Indian Fighter 1 Moore Random House
Tell Me About Prayer 1 Jones Rand McNally
May This House Be Safe From Tigers 1 King Simon & Schuster
Misty of Chincoteague 1 Henry Rand McNally
Devil's Food 1 Grant Longmans
Frenchman's Creek 1 DuMaurier Literary Guild of America
Deerslayer/David Copperfield 1 Cooper/Dickens J.J. Little & Ives
100 Years of Football 1 Brondfied Scholastic Book Services
Science Book of Volcanoes 1 Lauber Scholastic Book Services
Stories From the Arabian Nights 1 Housman Junior Deluxe Editions
Rin Tin Tin's Rinty 1 Campbell Whitman Publishing Company
Huckleberry Finn 1 Twain Whitman Publishing Company
From These Comes Music 1 Stoddard Thomas Y. Crowell Company
Danny Dunn and the Fossil Cave 1 Williams & Abrashkin McGraw-Hill
Men Who Won the West 1 Folsom Scholastic Book Services
Great Whales 1 Zim Scholastic Book Services
Robinson Crusoe 1 Defoe Whitman Publishing Company
Elements of Business Law 1 Huffcut & Bogert Ginn and Company
Carpenters and Builders Library - Vol. 4 1 Ball Bobbs-Merrill
Funk & Wagnall's New Encyclopedia - Vol. 1 1 Phillips Funk & Wagnalls
Children's Hour Vol. 1-5 5 Maxwell Review and Herald
Heritage of the Past 1 Easton Hole-Rinehart
Figures of Speech 1 Quinn Gibbs M. Smith
One Life 1 Barnard & Pepper MacMillan
Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation 1 Taylor Portland House
Last Czar 1 Peck Scholastic Book Services
It Pays to Increase Your Word Power 1 Funk Bantam
Pippi Longstocking 1 Lindgren Scholastic Book Services
Lone Ranger and the Talking Pony 1 Broun Simon & Schuster
Downhill Skiing 1 Lang Henry Holt & Co.
Trees 1 Zin Simon & Schuster
American Novel and its Tradition 1 Chase Anchor
Road Race Around the World 1 Jackson Scholastic Book Services
Shag 1 Hinkle Tab Books
Pronouncing Pocket-Manual of Musical Terms 1 Baker G. Schirmer
Heidi to Read Aloud 1 Spyri Wonder Books
Jim Thorpe Story 1 Schoor Washington Square Press
Bless Me Father 1 Corrigan Claretian Publications
How to Make a Good Confession 1 Calkins Claretian Publications
Rejuvenation Through Yoga 1 Lipson Jove/HBJ
Skip 1 Fisher Scholastic Book Services
Siddhartha 1 Hesse New Directions Paperbooks
Madeline 1 Bemelman Golden
Science Puzzlers 1 Gardner Scholastic Book Services
Adventures of Tom Sawyer 1 Twain Grosset & Dunlap
Here Comes Snoopy 1 Schulz Fawcett-Crest
Tom Swift and His Jetmarine 1 Appleton Grosset & Dunlap
Ben-Hur 1 Wallace Scholastic Book Services
Black Storm 1 Hinkle Tab Books
Moby-Dick 1 Melville Bobbs Merrill
Plane Geometry 1 Morgan, Fobergg & Breckenridge Houghton Mifflin Co.
Stars Shine Down 1 Sheldon Warner Books
Jolly Jingle Book 1 Jackson Rand McNally
One Hundred and One Dalmatians 1 Smith Avon
Amy Vanderbilt's Everyday Etiquette 1 Vanderbilt Bantam
Skycruiser 1 Brier Comet Books
No Time for Sergeants 1 Hyman Signet Books
Cosmo Girls Guide to the New Etiquette 1 Greene The Hearst Corporation
Childs Book of Poems 1 Peter Pauper Press Peter Pauper Press
Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest 1 McGovern Scholastic Book Services
Kid Who Batted 1.000 1 Allison & HIll Tab Books
Open Season 1 Osborn Dell Publishing Co.
Let's Face It, Charlie Brown 1 Schulz Fawcett-Crest
Greyhound 1 Griffiths Scholastic Book Services
Read-Aloud Funny Stories 1 Thayer Wonder Books
Willie Mays 1 Saal Rutlege Books
Thinking Machine 1 Futrelle Tab Books
Karate Kid Part II 1 Hiller Scholastic Book Services
Snoopy's Facts & Fun Book About Seasons 1 Schulz Random House
Clue of the Dancing Puppet 1 Keene Grosset & Dunlap
Jews, God and History 1 Dimont Signet
Path of Perfection 1 Prabhupada Bhaktivedanta Book Trust
Alice in Wonderland Meets the White Rabbit 1 Werner Golden Press
Mad's Talking Stamps 1 Jacobs Warner Paperback Library
Battle 1 Toland Signet
National Encyclopedia Vols. 2-4, 10 4 Suzzallo P.F. Collier & Son
Encyclopedia of World Knowledge Vol. 1-7 7 Redding Frontier Press Co.
Fourth Protocol 1 Forsyth Viking
California Past - Present - Future 1 Salitore California Almanac Co.
Bodymind 1 Dychtwalt Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc.
America Enters the World Vol VII 1 Smith McGraw Hill
With the Contras 1 Dickey Simon and Schuster
Side Effects 1 Allen Random House
Illustrated World Encyclopedia Vols. 1-15 15 Bobley Illustrated World Encyclopedia
Inside Outside 1 Wonk Little, Brown
Piece of Cake 1 Robinson Knopf
Out on the Rim 1 Thomas Mysterious Press
Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga 1 Vishnudovananda Bell
History of World Art 1 Upjohn, Winget & Mahler Oxford
Christ Our Savior 1 De La Cruz & Richard W.H. Sadlier
Encyclopedia Brown Gets His Man 1 Sobol Scholastic Book Services
My Little Golden Dictionary 1 Reed & Osswald Simon & Schuster
Tom and Jerry's Party 1 Fletcher Golden Press
Cinderella 1 Grant Golden Press
Christ's Life in Us 1 DeLaCruz & Richard W.H. Sadlier, Inc.
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish 1 Dr. Seuss Beginner Books
American Character 1 Brogan Knopf
Black Beauty 1 Sewell Books, Inc.
Inside Baseball for Little Leaguers 1 \McConnell Wonder Books
Family Under the Bridge 1 Carlson Scholastic Book Services
McMurry's Management Clinic 1 McMurry Simon & Schuster
Reader's Digest Great Encyclopedic Dictionary 1 Landau Reader's Digest
Christie Classics 1 Christy Dodd, Mead & Company
Story of the Starry Universe 1 Serviss P.F. Collier & Son
Story of Our Earth 1 Serviss P.F. Collier & Son
Story of Chemistry 1 Serviss P.F. Collier & Son
Story of Mechanics 1 Serviss P.F. Collier & Son
Story of Force and Motion 1 Serviss P.F. Collier & Son
Story of Electricity and Magnetism 1 Serviss P.F. Collier & Son
Practice Workbook of Reading - Grade 3 1 Treasure Books Treasure Books
Baby Sitters Club 1 Martin Scholastic Book Services
Perilous Journies of Hercule Poirot 1 Christie Dodd-Mead
Webster's Giant Illustrated Approved Dictionary 1 Webster World Publishing Company
Italy 1 Kubly Time Incorporated
Fun With Writing 1 Horn Whitman Publishing Company
Red Rackham's Treasure 1 Herge Golden Press
Practice Workbook of Spelling - Grade 3 1 Treasure Books Treasure Books
Bible Story Library Vol 1-4 4 Hodges Educational Book Guild
Success in Spelling -3,6 2 Madden & Carlson California State Series
Activity Book for Story Caravan 1 Sheldon, Austin & Rose Allyn and Bacon
World Treasury of Children's Literature 1 Fadiman Little, Brown
Mathematics for Individual Achievement 1 Denholm, Herrick, Hankins & Vojtko Houghton Mifflin
Book of the Camp Fire Girls 1 Camp Fire Girls Camp Fire Girls
Stories of the Great Operas 1 Corss Perma Books
Getting to Know Numbers - Grade One 1 Saalfield Saalfield
Ad Altare Dei Requirements 1 Catholic Committee on Scouting Catholic Committee on Scouting
Physical Education for Elementary Schools 1 Neilson & Van Hagen Barnes
Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping 1 Parish Avon
Junior Karate 1 Kozuki Archway
Story of the Mass 1 Ellard & Hegg Childs Devotional Series
Wolf Cub Scout Book 1 Boy Scouts of America Boy Scouts of America
Long Memory 1 Clewes Doubleday
200 Treasures of Metropolitan Los Angeles 1 Automobile Club of Southern California Automobile Club of Southern California
Civilization in the West 1 Brinton, Christopher & Wolf Prentice-Hall
Handbook for Boys 1 Boy Scouts of America Boy Scouts of America
When Knighthood was in Flower 1 Caskoden Bobbs Merrill
Green Mountain Boys 1 Thompson Rand McNally
Jane Eyre 1 Bronte Oxford Series
Batter Up 1 Scholz Comet Books
Junior Classics 9 Williams & Dalphin P.F. Collier & Son
Queen of France 1 Castelot Harper
House on the Cliff 1 Dixon Grosset & Dunlap
Missing Chums 1 Dixon Grosset & Dunlap
Shore Road Mystery 1 Dixon Grosset & Dunlap
Shore Road Mystery (Copy 2) 1 Dixon Grosset & Dunlap
Melted Coins 1 Dixon Grosset & Dunlap
Prize 1 Wallace Simon and Schuster
Better Homes and Gardens Step by Step Household Repairs 1 Better Homes and Gardens Bantam Books
Phaedrus 1 Plato Bobbs Merrill
There's Adventure in Meteorology 1 Ruzic Popular Mechanics Press
Wolf Cub Scout Book 1 Boy Scouts of America Boy Scouts of America
Bear Cub Scout Book 1 Boy Scouts of America Boy Scouts of America
How to Prepare for College 1 Lass Pocket Books
Fighting Coach 1 Scholz Comet Books
Prevention Mailbag of Natural Remedies 1 Bricklin Rodale Press
Pinocchio 1 Collodi Saalfield
Goat Song 1 Yerby Dial Press
Timber Line 1 Fowler Blue Ribbon Books
Cry the Beloved Country 1 Paton Scribners
Body Language 1 Fast Pocket Books
14 of My Favorites in Suspense 1 Hitchcock Dell
Baal/A Man's a Man/The Elephant Calf 1 Brecht Grove Books
American History 1 Bourne & Benton D.C. Heath & Co.
Human Comedy 1 Saroyan Harcourt Brace & Co.
Tower of London 1 Department of the Environment Her Majesty's Stationery Office
Tom Brown at Oxford 1 Hughes Rand McNally
Riders of the Rio Grande 1 Balch Crowell
Book for Boys 1 Trese Fides
Pioneers 1 Cooper A.L. Burt Company
Best of Bloopers 1 Schafer Avenel
Power of Yiddish Thinking 1 Marcus Doubleday
New Baltimore Catechism 1 McGuire Benziger Brothers
Davy's Little House 1 Devine Rand McNally
Road to Safety - Happy Times 1 Buckley, White & Silvernale American Book Company
New Pictorial Encyclopedia of the World Vol. 4, 6-18 14 Dunham Pictorial Encyclopedia Co.
Little Women 1 Alcott Whitman Publishing Company
Scarface 1 Norton Comet Books
Arrow Book of Science Riddles 1 Wyler Scholastic Book Services
Jinx of Payrock Canyon 1 Nesbil Whitman Publishing Company
Funk & Wagnalls Standard Reference Encyclopedia Vol.1 1 Morse Readers Digest Books
B.F.'s Daughter 1 Marquand Little, Brown
Real Boys 1 Shute G.W. Dillingham Company
Our Scientific Needs 1 Frasier, MacCracken & Decker Singer
Guide to America's Greatests Historic Places 1 American Heritage American Heritage
American Political Institutions and Public Policy 1 Sindler Little, Brown
Sea (Young Readers Nature Library) 1 Engel Time Life Books
Official Sports Record Book 1968 1 Litsky Bantam
Story of America 1 Harlow & Miller Holt Rinehart Winston
Story of the Second World War 1 Savage Scholastic Book Services
Sleeping Beauty 1 Disney Golden
Touch Typewriting 1 Evans Barnes & Noble
Algebra 1 Moore Barnes & Noble
Prevention's Best Weight Loss Ideas 1 Rodale Press Rodale Press
First Aid 1 American Red Cross Doubleday & Company
Introduction to Statistics 1 Mills Holt
King Ottokars Scepter 1 Herge Golden Press
Hide and Seek Fog 1 Tresselt Lothrop, Lee & Shepard
Dancing Cloud 1 Buff Viking Press
Everyday Story Book 1 Ivarson Rand McNally
Jack Jingle's Wish 1 Stahlmann Rand McNally
Pillow Time Tales 1 Couri Rand McNally
Illustrated Bible Story Book 1 Loveland Rand McNally
Easy Way to Draw 1 Lantz Whitman Publishing Company
Zooparade 1 Perkins Rand McNally
Our Environment 1 Smith Allyn and Bacon
Love Machine 1 Sesann Simon and Schuster
Biology 1 Brown Heath
First Splendor 1 Early, Srygley & Wenzel California State Series
Below the Salt 1 Costain Doubleday
South 1 Jennings & Smith California State Series
Molecules in Motion 1 Strasser California State Series
Animal Stories 1 Cunningham Whitman Publishing Company
Tale of Alain 1 Ormondroyd Follett
Story of the Moon 1 Johnson Replogle Globes
First Days of the World 1 Ames & Wyler Scholastic Book Services
Henry Huggins 1 Cleary Scholastic Book Services
Five Cent, Five Cent 1 Chandler Albert Whitman & Company
Inquiring About Cultures 1 Fielder Holt Rinehart Winston
Know the Stars 1 Fey Scholastic Book Services
Eggbert and Eggberta 1 Laf Pocket Books
Bear Island 1 MacLean Book Club Associates
Cherry Ames Camp Nurse 1 Wells Grosset & Dunlap
Story of Davy Crockett 1 Meadowcroft Grosset & Dunlap
Castaways in Lilliput 1 Winterfeld Harcourt, Brace and Company
Would You Believe...? 1 Adams Price, Stern, Sloan
Sea 1 Sterne & Lindsay Golden Press
Night Before Christmas 1 Moore Western Publishing
Skeleton Cave 1 Cheney Tab Books
Indian Mummy Mystery 1 Nesbil Whitman Publishing Company
Ripsnorters and Ribticklers 1 Simon Tab Books
Cape Fear 1 MacDonald Fawcett
Snakes 1 Zim Scholastic Book Services
Father Brown Mystery Stories 1 Chesterton Dodd, Mead
Van Dean Manual 1 Rosemead Beauty School Rosemead Beauty School
Fury and the Lone Pine Mystery 1 Fenton Whitman Publishing Company
Introduction to Yoga 1 Hittleman Bantam Books
You Are Too Much, Charlie Brown 1 Schulz Fawcett Crest
Reader's Digest Reading Skill Builder Part Two 1 Cooke, Dawson & Thomas Readers Digest
Basketball Stars of 1972 1 Sabin Pyramid Sports
Charlie Brown's All Stars 1 Schulz Signet
Mr. Bell Invents the Telephone 1 Shippen Bell Telephone System
Miss Polly's Animal School 1 Elting Wonder Books
Bat Boy of the Giants 1 Garreau Comet Books
Fun With Puzzles 1 Leeming Scholastic Book Services
Arrow Book of Funny Poems 1 Clymer Scholastic Book Services
Seventh Saracen 1 Morreale Coward McCann
Katherine 1 Seton Houghton Mifflin Company
Anne Boleyn 1 Anthony Thomas Y. Crowell Company
Seidman and Son 1 Moll Putnam
NFL's Official Encyclopedic History of Professional Football 1 NFL MacMillan
Calling of Dan Matthews 1 Wright A.L. Burt Co.
Backgrounds of American Literary Thought 1 Horton & Edwards Appleton-Century-Crofts
Foxes of Harrow 1 Yerby Dial Press
Treasure of Pleasant Valley 1 Yerby Nelson Doubleday
Philharmonic 1 Russcol & Banas Coward McCann & Geohagan
Ra Expeditions 1 Heyerdahl Book Club Assockates
Wide, Wide World 1 Pooley, Gromman & Daniel Scott, Foresman
Martin Eden 1 London Regent Press
Modern Locomotives 1 Beaty Rand McNally
Two Novels 1 Keyes Messner
Treasure Island 1 Stevenson Grosset & Dunlap
House at Pooh Corner 1 Milne Dutton
Golden Keys 1 Koningsberger Rand McNally
Merry Christmas Book 1 Berg Wonder Books
Adventures for Readers Book Two 1 Twomey & McMahon Harcourt, Brace & World
Heroes of American Explorations 1 McCall Grosset & Dunlap
Solomon Shag 1 Hogstrom Whitman Publishing Company
Flying Animals 1 Fichter Golden Press
Elements of Modern Economics 1 Meyers Prentice-Hall
Championship Ball 1 Bee Grosset & Dunlap
Touchdown Pass 1 Bee Grosset & Dunlap
Secret Panel 1 Dixon Grosset & Dunlap
Without Feathers 1 Allen Random House
Joyous Peggy 1 Copp Cupples & Leon Co.
Shrouded Walles & Dark Shore 1 Howatch Stein and Day
Cosmetology 1 Marinello School of Beauty Marinello School of Beauty
Congo 1 Crichton Alfred A. Knopf
Wayfarers 1 Crain University of Illinois Press
Coma 1 Cook Little, Brown
Around the World Program 5 American Geographical Society Nelson Doubleday
Sleeping Lady 1 Graysmith Onyx

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