Always A Reckoning 1 Carter Times
American Literature with Readings 1 Pace Allyn and Bacon
Ancient Mariner & Vision of Sir Launfal 1 Coleridge & Lowell Charles E. Merrill
An Evening With Richard Nixon 1 Vidal Random House
Anna Karenina 1 Tolstoy Folio Society
Animal Farm 1 Orwell Folio Society
Annotated Alice 1 Carroll Bramhall House
Anthologia De La Poesia Espanola y Hispanoamericana 1 De Onis Las Americas
Appolonius of Rhodes: Argo 1 Rieu Penguin
Arabian Nights II 1 Haddawy Norton
Art of Dreaming 1 Castaneda Harper Collins
Asolando 1 Browning Houghton, Mifflin
Ballet Shoes 1 Streatfeild Folio Society
Ben Franklin's Wit & Wisdom 1 Franklin Peter Pauper Press
Best Loved Poems of the American People 1 Felleman Garden City Books
Best of Saki 1 Munro Folio Society
Blue Fairy Book 1 Lang Folio Society
Brave New World 1 Huxley Folio Society
Call of the Wild 1 London Folio Society
Castaneda's Journey 1 De Mille Capri
Charge of the Light Brigade & Other Story Poems 1 Various SBS
Chaucer: Canterbury Tales 1 Chaucer Modern Library
Chaucer's Prologue, Knight's Tale and Nun's Priest's Tale 1 Ingraham MacMillan Company
Christmas Carol 1 Dickens SBS
Coleridge: Selected Poems 1 Coleridge Signet
Collected Stories 1 Gogol Folio Society
Complete Plays of Aeschylus 1 Murray George Allen & Unwin LTD
Complete Prose of Woody Allen 1 Allen Wings
Complete Tales & Poems of Edgar Allan Poe 1 Poe Modern Library
Complete Works of Edmund Spenser 1 Spenser Thomas Y. Crowell & Co.
Crime Novels 2 Polito Library of America
Critical Anthology of Spanish Verse 1 Peers University of California Press
Crowell's Handbook of Classical Literature 1 Feder Thomas Y. Crowell
Dante: Divine Comedy (Vol. I, Inferno;II, Purgatorio) 2 Durling & Martinez Oxford
Darling Buds of May 1 Bates Folio Society
Decameron 1 Boccaccio Privately Printed
Don Quixote 1 Cervantes Modern Library
Don Quixote (Spanish) 1 Cervantes Austral
Donne - Laurel Poetry Series 1 Wilbur Dell
Dylan Thomas: Collected Poems 1 Thomas New Directions
Eagles Gift 1 Castaneda Washington Square Press
Ein jedes Thierchen hat sein Pläsirchen 1 Bormann & Oberländer Edwin Bormanns Selbstverlag
Eliot: Collected Poems 1909-1935 1 Eliot Harcourt Brace
Eliot, T.S.: Wasteland & Other Poems 1 Eliot Harvest
Epictetus: Moral Discourses 1 Rouse Everyman's Library
Equus 1 Shaffer Bard/Avon
Eugene Onegin 1 Pushkin Folio Society
European Authors 1000-1900 1 Kunitz & Colby H.W. Wilson Company
Fables of Aesop 1 Aesop Folio Society
Facezie, Motti e Burle del Piovano Arlotto 1 Mainardi Libreria Editrice Fiorentina
Fire from Within 1 Castaneda Pocket Books/Washington Square Press
First Folio 1 Folio Society Folio Society
Folio Book of Humorous Verse 1 Folio Society Folio Society
Food 1 Nash Stewart, Tabori & Chang
For Whom the Bell Tolls 1 Hemingway The Blakiston Company
Frankenstein 1 Shelley Everyman's Library, Dent, Dutton
Gedichte-Gedichte 1 Ringelnatz Karl H. Henssel
Germinal 1 Zola Penguin
Golden Book of Marcus Aurelius Meditations 1 Casaubon Everyman's Library
Golden Gems in Poem, Prose and Pencil 1 Dale National Book Mart
Golf Without Tears 1 Wodehouse A.L. Burt Company
Great Dialogues of Plato 1 Rouse Mentor Classic
Great Gatsby (& Cliff's Notes) 1 Fitzgerald Scribners
Great Short Stories 1 Schramm Harcourt, Brace
Greengage Summer 1 Godden Folio Society
Green Mansions/Purple Land 1 Hudson Three Sirens Press
Grimm's Fairy Tales 1 Grimm & Grimm Folio Society
Haggard: Works 1 Haggard Blacks Readers Service Company
Hamlet 1 Shakespeare Signet
Hamlet 1 Shakespeare Yale University Press
Heap O' Livin' 1 Guest Reilly & Britton
Henry the Eighth 1 Shakespeare Yale University Press
Henry the Sixth, Part I 1 Shakespeare Yale University Press
Henry the Sixth, Part II 1 Shakespeare Yale University Press
Henry the Sixth, Part III 1 Shakespeare Yale University Press
Hesse: Poems 1 Hesse Bantam
History of Roman Literature 1 Bieler St. Martin's Press
Homer: Iliad (& Cliff's Notes) 1 Fitzgerald Anchor
Homer: Odyssey 1 Fitzgerald Vintage
Horace: Selected Poems 1 Whicher Classics Club
Horse's Mouth 1 Cary Harper & Row - Perennial Library
Importance of Being Earnest 1 Wilde Avon
International Short Stories 1 Patten P F Collier & Son
Io non Chiedo Permesso 1 Manzini Salani Editore
Italian Folktales 1 Calvino Pantheon
Italian Poetry 1 Rebay Dover
Ivanhoe 1 Scott Signet
Journey to Ixtlan 1 Castaneda Washington Square Press
Julius Caesar 1 Shakespeare Ginn and Company
Julius Caesar 1 Shakespeare Signet
Keats: Selected Poems & Letters 1 Bush Houghton Mifflin
King Lear 1 Shakespeare Yale University Press
Lake Wobegon Days 1 Keillor Viking
Lamb: Works 1 Chares & Mary Lamb Blacks Readers Service Company
Lark Rise to Candleford 1 Thompson Folio Society
Leaves of Grass 1 Whitman Longriver Press
Lifted Veil 1 Folio Society Folio Society
Limerick 1 Legman Bell
Little Princess 1 Burnett Folio Society
Little Treasury of American Prose 1 Mayberry Scribners
Little Women 1 Alcott Folio Society
Longfellow's Complete Poems 1 Longfellow Houghton Mifflin & Co.
Lord of the Flies 1 Golding Folio Society
Macbeth 1 Shakespeare Folger Library
Magnet Stories 1 Miller, et al. Groombridge and Sons
Maltese Falcon 1 Hammett Folio Society
Man From Glengarry 1 Connor Revell
Mark Twain's Library of Humor 1 Clemens Bonanza Books
Measure for Measure 1 Shakespeare Washington Square Press
Merchant of Venice 1 Shakespeare Scott, Foresman & Company
Metamorphosis and Other Stories 1 Kafka Folio Society
Miss Marple Stories 1 Christie Folio Society
More Limericks 1 Legman Bell
My American Heritage 1 Henry & Pannell Rand McNally
Mystery of Edwin Drood 1 Dickens Penguin
Nineteen Eighty-Four 1 Orwell Folio Society
North and South 1 Gaskell Folio Society
O. Henry 11 Porter Nelson Doubleday
O. Henry, Complete Works 1 Porter Doubleday Doran
Old Wives' Tale 1 Bennett Folio Society
One Hundred and One Famous Poems 1 Cook Reilly & Lee
Othello 1 Shakespeare Washington Square Press
Oxford Book of American Verse 1 Matthiessen Oxford
Oxford Book of English Verse 1 Quliier-Couch Oxford
Oxford Book of Portuguese Verse 1 Vidigal Oxford
Oxford Book of Spanish Verse 1 Fitzmaurice - Kelly Oxford
Persuasion 1 Austen Folio Society
Petrulus Hirrutus 1 Hoffmann Georg Olms Verlag
Picture of Dorian Gray 1 Wilde Folio Society
Plato: Phaedo, or On the Immortality of the Soul 1 Stanford Hurst and Company
Playboy's Ribald Classics 1 Editors of Playboy Playboy Pocket Books
Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man 1 Joyce Penguin
Postman Always Rings Twice 1 Cain Folio Society
Power of Silence 1 Castaneda Simon & Schuster
Promised Verse 1 White Harvard
Prophet 1 Gibran Alfred A Knopf
Queen of Spades and Other Stories 1 Pushkin Folio Society
Red House Mystery 1 Milne Folio Society
Richard the Second 1 Shakespeare Yale University Press
Richard the Third 1 Shakespeare Yale University Press
Richard III 1 Shakespeare Washington Square Press
Romeo and Juliet 1 Shakespeare Washington Square Press
Romeo and Juliet 1 Shakespeare Yale University Press
Roughing It 1 Twain California
Rubaiyat 1 Khayyam Folio Society
Rubaiyat 1 Khayyam Peter Pauper Press
Ruth 1 Gaskell Folio Society
Sappho's Immortal Daughters 1 Williamson Harvard
Sappho: Poems 1 Burnstone Anchor Press
Sartor Resartus 1 Carlyle Geo. M. Hill Company
Second Ring of Power 1 Castaneda Washington Square Press
Selected Poems 1 Frost Folio Society
Selected Works of Stephen Vincent Benet 1 Benet Farrar & Rinehart
Selfish Giant and Other Stories 1 deSoto & Wilde Folio Society
Separate Reality 1 Castaneda Simon & Schuster
Seven Centuries of Verse 1 Smith Charles Scribner's Sons
Shakespeare: Complete Works 1 Shakespeare Rex Library
Shakespeare of Stratford 1 Cross & Brooke Yale University Press
Shakespeare, the King's Playwright 1 Kernan Yale
Shakespeare's Life and World 1 Duncan-Jones Folio Society
Shakespeare's Life In Drama 1 Wells Norton
Sherlock Holmes - Selected Stories 1 Doyle Folio Society
Shropshire Lad 1 Housman Folio Society
Silas Marner 1 Eliot Heritage Press
Silver Sword 1 Serraillier Folio Society
Singing Sands 1 Tey Folio Society
Sophocles: Three Tragedies 1 Kitto Oxford - Galaxy
Sub-Treasury of American Humor 1 White & White Coward - McCann
Swinburne: Poems 1 Swinburne Modern Library
Tales of Power 1 Castaneda Washington Square Press
Teachings of Don Juan 1 Castaneda Washington Square Press
Tennyson: Poems 1 Tennyson Blacks Readers Service Company
Travels With My Aunt 1 Greene Folio Society
Travesties 1 Stoppard Grove Press
Treasury of Italian Folkore and Humor 1 Spalding Jonathan David
Troilus and Cressida 1 Chaucer Modern Library
Two Gentlemen of Verona 1 Shakespeare Washington Square Press
Unabridged Mark Twain 1 Clemens Running Press
Uncle Tom's Cabin 1 Stowe Modern library
Utopia 1 More Penguin
Verse With Prose From Petronius to Dante 1 Dronke Harvard
Virgil: Aeneid 1 Mandelbaum Bantam
Waiting For Godot 1 Beckett Grove Press
War and Peace 1 Tolstoy Heritage Press
Warden 1 Trollope Folio Society
William Blake 1 Bronowski Penguin
Wit of Oscar Wilde 1 Wilde Folio Society
Wolves of Willoughby Chase 1 Aiken Folio Society
World of the Short Story 1 Fadiman Houghton Mifflin Company
World's 100 Best Short Stories 8 Overton Funk & Wagnalls
Writers of Rome 1 Duff Oxford University Press

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