Ascent of Man 1 Bronowski Folio Society
Beginner's Guide to the Skies 1 Mayall & Mayall Cornerstone Library
Builders of the Universe 1 Einstein U.S. Library Association
Diet Does It 1 Hauser Coward - McCann, Inc.
Earth 1 Fortey Folio Society
Elements of Physical Geography 1 Strahler & Strahler Wiley
Exploration of the Universe 1 Abell Holt, Rinehart, Winston
For Boys Only 1 Richardson McKay
Geology Field Guide to Northern California 1 Harbaugh Wm. C. Brown
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex 1 Willy, Vander & Fisher Cadillac
In Search of Ourselves 1 Poirier Burgess
Let's Experiment 1 Keen Grosset & Dunlap
Life 1 Fortey Folio Society
Lopsided Ape 1 Corballis Oxford
Married Love 1 Stopes Eugenics Publishing Co.
Marvels and Mysteries of Our Animal World 1 Reader's Digest Reader's Digest
Mathematician Reads the Newspaper 1 Paulos Basic Books
Mayo Clinic Guide to Self Care 1 Hagen Mayo Clinic
New Trigonometry 1 Mallory Sanborn
On Drugs 1 Lenson University of Minnesota Press
Peterson First Guides - Birds 1 Peterson Houghton Mifflin Company
Practical Child Training 1 Beery Parents Association
Sane Sex Life and Sane Sex Living 1 Long Eugenics Publishing Co.
Science Program 75 Science Service Nelson Doubleday
Short History of Time 1 Holford-Strevens Folio Society
What a Young Man Ought to Know 1 Stall Vir Publishing Company
Worst Pills, Best Pills 1 Wolpe, Hope & Public Citizen's Health Research Group Public Citizen's Health Research Group

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