Aulenta Family Party Menus St. Patrick's Day 2003
Cinco de Mayo 2003
Laurie's Birthday 2003
Fall Game Party 2003
Halloween Party 2003
Thanksgiving 2003
Christmas 2003
New Year's Eve 2003
St. Patrick's Day 2004
Cinco de Mayo 2004
Laurie's Birthday 2004
Thanksgiving 2004
St. Patrick's Day 2005
Easter 2005
Kentucky Derby 2005

The Lemon Shack - "a family establishment"
Richard, Laurie, Frank, Darlene, Donna, Tony and the boys

Drinks all around! - Whitney, Darlene, Frank

Your hosts! - Janet and Ralph

Revelers at the bar - Laurie, John, Janet

The Twins

The Lemon Shack Gang - Laurie, Anne, Frank, and Darlene

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